Blind Date

Anyone watching a "birra Cilla" on BD tonight? One v nice bit of totty in a red PVC catsuit who is partial to soldiers in uniform.

In the queue behind me men!
Bring it on Batwoman
She wore a catsuit.....comparisons to Michelle Pfiffer (or however you spell it). Sexy, sultry, and PVC clad. Forgiven for that?
Forgiven! ;)

There's one thing I've never understood about that programme though....These days, most of the males and females that go on the show are really handsome or pretty as it is....Surely they would never have a problem getting a partner on the outside world! Me thinks that most of them do it for the attention and the free hol'.......I'd go on it just to meet Cilla, so I could tell her to do summat to them blimming teeth!
And another thing.. they get told what answers to say to the questions that they're gonna get asked.......I think it would be more fun and interesting if they were left to say their own answers...agree? :-/
Wondered how long it would take b4 John Wayne stepped in! :mad:
Hello Ma my dear......Hows things? It's nice to hear from you too! :p


Ma_Sonic, if you turn any of the threads in here into personal attacks on people then I will delete you, it's as simple as that.
By all means, enjoy the banter, but get nasty and you're off air.

Enjoy. :)

There used to be a dating game on Sky, with Bruno Brooks, and that wasn't planned out or had a script, the contestants came on, were asked a question, and had to think of some thing straight away.  Plus, the couples seemed to be 'normal', everyday, next-door neighbour type persons, not your hand picked ‘beautiful people’.  And they all seem to have stuck together afterwards.  Can't remember the name, but it made a change to that plastic programme, Blind Dicks.

Sounds good......I think that they'd be more interesting if they were done that way! Yeah....And you never see any ugly mingers on there with false teeth, saggy t1ts or Fat as f?@:! Make it more real Cilla.....You GWAR! ;D
Still not as much fun as temptation Island - priceless programme if your pissed on a sunday.  Great concept too....
Watched that one too....Not bad is it! It get's you on the edge of the sofa when they have to watch a clip of wot eachother get up to... :eek:
You lot must lead a boring life.  This programme concept is crap.  TV has died a death.  It just reveals what everyone should know, humans as a race are deceitful and manipulative.  Never trust anyone !
Hey man....There's no way I'm payin a fr1ggin tv license only to not watch it! There is some things worth watchin you know! Or are you constantly hangin' on to the porn channels? ::) ;)
Leeannne, Brit porn is sh1te.  I enjoy more looking across the road at my 50+ neighbour who can't be arsed closing the curtains at night, then to watch something that doesn't go below the belly button.   Anyone who subscribes to that would be better off giving their money to a charity.  

I'm not knocking anyone, I just think that once, along time ago, British TV lead the world with it's programming.  Now, week nights are just soaps, weekends are just American rubbish or people wanting to be famous (for what?).  BBC2 and C4 do sometimes come up with gems, but even they succumb to providing content that is sh1te.  Anyone else agree?
Got to be careful here because I do agree with Gunny.

Brit TV these days caters only for women.  Who else but a woman would want to know what is going on inside other peoples houses?  Eastenders, Coronation St, Emmerdale Farm, Neighbours, christ I have to endure them all just to keep her happy.  It is the mentality of the nosey neighbour.  She gets so wrapped up in what is going on in the lives of the Tilsleys that she is missing what is happening around her.  

Then there is reality TV, Popstars 1 and 2, Big brother, Fame Academy.  What happened to those real entertainment programmes that we all enjoyed on Saturday nights?  

Gunny, you are right, and get my vote.   Take yesterday off.
My other half used to take the p1ss out of me when I used to watch Eastenders and that, now I'm fighting for the remote off him to switch it over!
This was after I found his stash of porn and hid it from him.... ::)
.............. and he's still your other half?   :-X  He must have another stash :eek:
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