Blind Date... and no questions prepared. Mushkila!!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Boy_Mulcaster, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Evening Arrsers

    I have to find a whole set of Blind Date questions for a friend of a friend... and short of asking the lady how she would like to be eaten if she was an ice-cream or what we would do if we were stuck in a lift together for ages, it's a stumper. "If you were a wild animal..." no, too predictable. If only I had a brain.

    Has anyone got any goodies? Filth or not, he'll take them.

  2. That would indeed be a start... Good luck.
  3. Yes - You're "Mate" should ask the only question that matters.

    "Will I be needing the Knife or will you come quietly?"
  4. I've only got enough for 2 Bacardi Breezers and a bag of chips, you up for it?
  5. Mushkila? Does the blind date wear a burkha? If so,your mate's in a lot of trouble!
  6. The only question that matters:

    "Tits or face?"
  7. Why bother with questions ?

    Rohypnol works quite quick you know :D
  8. Ask how she'd like to die -By the screwdriver, Stanley knife or claw hammer?
  9. You're right Muhandis, but I think that in the current state of play, anything with a pulse is a winner, whether dressed up as a Dalek or not.
  10. A Pulse your'e a picky sod aren't you.

    My question would be; Do you prefer Pink or Brown?
  11. "Do you do ATM?"

    Hope that helps!
  12. Which do you prefer wet or dry hump, which is better for you front or back bottom, when you are being spit roasted do you prefer big top or bottom . god I could do this for a living but they do sound similar to my chat up lines
  13. ask her why she is desperate that she is doing blind dates. Also, when he meets her, ask her why she is so fat.
  14. Do you reckon you could down this bottle of vodka in 30 seconds; bet you can't...

    --and then you play the waiting game--

    Note: If she doesn't rise to the bait hit her over head with said bottle. The effects are pretty much the same.
  15. What's the idea with the questions? Is the blind date with Cilla Black? Or is it 'his' first date ever and 'he' hasn't got a clue what to do?