blind barstewards in pubs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tropper66, Feb 23, 2010.

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  1. So I roll into the back bar of the OA and the place is full of people looking strait over my head wearing dark glasses, ah say I ,its the blind institute day at the pub, or a Blue's Brothers convention.but no its the new 56inch 3D TV being pushed out for some of the S A Brain Pubs
  2. which ones I`ll turn up in me overalls with a van and do the old "we need to take it away for cleaning" routine.
  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've always wondered about doing that. My local shopping centre is full of massive and expensive looking tellys showing adverts and whatnot. If me and my mate rocked up with a ladder and some high vis vests and removed them, I doubt anyone would bat an eyelid.
  4. I'm glad the smoking ban is keeping me away from such places. Last thing I want is to look a tw@t in a pair of specs made from two different coloured quality street wrappers 8O
  5. Nothing worse than a blind bar steward in a pub.

    Who the fcuk wants their G&T poured all over their shoes.

    Ban 'em I say and fcuk equal opportunities.
  6. These glasses that are kept behind the bar are actualy quit Gucci
  7. There will not be many people at the bar, they will never find it
  8. I am haveing all sorts of probs today with the pubs WiFi
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You'll never get legless that way! :oops:
  10. You don't need big tellys or wifi for entertainment, if you've got blind drinkers in your pub.
    Playing "Lets see how many pineapple cubes from the urinals we can slip into Mr Magoo's pint" is almost as much fun as abducting their guide dogs and clipping the leash to a bar stool instead.
    I hope I'm not giving anyone any ideas here!
  11. I wandered into a pub filled with deaf people having a karaoke night :?
  12. Are you sure it wasn't a Girls Aloud concert?
  13. When they start the 'song' using sign language, hand them a mic....
  14. I've seen that before, we had a deaf couple who used to drink in the pub I ran, used to gesticulate as to what they wanted to drink (easily sorted), go to their table and converse in sign language. One day, they have a barney, it was like watching a scene from one of Bruce Lee's finest, "Fists Of Fury" but without the optional dubbing, had customers pissing theirselves laughing.
  15. Bit like a Jock when it's his round. :D