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Blimey that was quick

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I post a closing message about a thread which had been mutilated by Dead Sheep bedwetters 5 mins ago and it has been closed down. You know the thread that lionised those of us who served in NI and died.

Frankly I’m quite impressed, that the Mods, or there lackies the Dead Sheep Bedwetters, are mounting a 24hr Guard. Cool

However, the Naafi is a free fire zone, so I’m a tad confused as to why it should have been so?

Perhaps the Mods, themselves are in need of Janet and John readers? Or perhaps the Co’s hav e turned the asylum over to the inmates.

According to my watch it’s 14.33 (that’s 27 mins before 3 for the bed wetting Brigade) lets see how long this one takes. This could be fun, I could claim the fasted closed thread in the history of Arrse.


Quickest banning too. It isn't all about you. Take some time to go and write more fantastic stories and let the rest of us have some peace.
Not open for further replies.

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