Blimey! CPS Actually showing some Common

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by re-stilly, Sep 7, 2011.

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  1. The florist who killed one robber and injured another will not be charged with murder, but acted in self defence.

    Linky Bit

    What has happened to the CPS, normally you would expect the crims to go free or the poor victim banged up. Maybe, just maybe we are beginning to turn a corner and people can actually trust the Judiciary system again.
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  2. Proper order, and well done the shopkeeper. That's one scrote we won't have to feed in chokey.
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  3. Well done the CPS but pretty much consistent with how things normally go.
  4. Nope, because any second now someone's going to appear and say that the OB shouldn't have arrested him in the 1st place, and any day now the Daily Wail will find a story where someone DID get charged and the outrage bus will be POL'd and ready to go.
  5. This already the subject of another thread. It was pointed out on that one that the incident would be investigated and the outcome would depend on the facts.

    Not good enough for some folks, even if the result favours their opinion. The is the second incident in Manchester in recent months where self defence was established, what the hell are people moaning about?
  6. Not forgetting that some scummy "yumin rites" lawyer will probably advise the family of aforesaid scrotes to sue the florist for damages in a civil court!!
  7. Didn't think that could happen in cases like this where there has been no proof of guilt.
  8. No they won't, why bother even to write bollocks like this?
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  9. His DNA will still be on record having been arrested for an offence. Should stop him ever going out on the rampage leaving DNA at crime scenes anyway - you never can tell with these dodgy 72 year olds.

    Personally I think that instead of waiting and worrying for the CPS to make a decision, this brave old boy should have been treated as a hero and should be planning his visit to the Palace.
  10. The CPS threw it such, the farmer that shot the burglars is now suing the CPS as he claimed self defense and got prison (similar circumstances, weapon pulled on him, he acted in defense for his family and business) and got time.
  11. Since when has "common sense" ever affected the "yumin rites" brigade? What about the so called victims of torture some 50 odd years ago in Kenya?

    As soon as the legal scrotes smell cash in the form of legal aid or dodgy compensation claims, they swarm like flies around shit!!
  12. Shot the bloke in the back at a distance, is slightly different to being within stabbing distance of a bloke stood facing you.

    Crims family will sue for loss of earnings though (fnarr fnarrr)
  13. also the fact he used an illegal weapon had a bit to do with it.
  14. CPS - couldn't prosecute shit.

    Non-story, nothing's changed.
  15. The burglar he shot in the back as he fled the scene?

    Whilst I have no problem with people defending themselves, family, or their property, malleting someone (even a pikey) as they run away is hardly self defense is it?