Bliars tie faux-pas

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Dread, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. Just watched that simpering fool deliver his rambling touchy-feely speech at the Lord Mayor of London's banquet on CNN.

    Ignoring the vapid and inane soundbites that he trotted out (still trying to throw (our) money at the world's problems), I was shocked beyond belief that a holder of one of the Great Offices of State could appear so badly dressed: the chippy little cnut was wearing a pre-made (i.e. fake) white bow tie.

    If he did this in a Gunner Mess the tie would have been torn off and melted on the fire and a suitably huge fine of port demanded (and received).

    This odious creature went to Fettes and Oxford for God's sake! So much for one of the best educations money can buy as the tw@t cannot even tie a bow tie (and I bet the one he was wearing was polyester).

    Letter to the Torygraph already dispatched.
  2. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Does he get the WMF to tie his shoes too ?
  3. His collar was a complete mess as well - it looked as if it was insufficiently starched.

    Some time ago HM Queen held a black tie dinner for a number of former Prime Ministers. Bliar was not only wearing a ready-made bow tie, his footwear was incorrect as well; ordinary black oxfords rather than patent shoes or pumps.

    He has absolutely no presence at these functions, and always manages to look like a waiter.
  4. At least he makes an effort. Broon rocks up in his Mister Byrite lounge suit out of sheer chippiness.
  5. I thought Brown wore a normal lounge suit because if he tried wearing white tie he would look like the stupid fat git that he is. I suspect even the tailors of Saville Row would baulk at covering his bulk or attempting to design a waistcoat that didn't make him look like a beached whale of a salad dodger.

    I have sent 2 emails on this matter (Blair not Brown): one to the Daily Telegraph (sod all chance of getting my vitriol published) and the second to 10 Downing Street asking if the Prime Minister was supporting the chemical industries by wearing man-made fake ties.

    Just for a laugh I sent them both from my official UN email address with full signature block :)

    Edited to add: for God's sake V: return Angelina J to her rightful place as your avatar! (especially the one where she is licking her lips and winking).
  6. His shirts also have that Oxfamish air to them as well,......... the reason their all such a bunch of scruffs?

    They have never taken the shilling!
  7. I would not be seen dead in patent leather shoes or pumps. I usually wear extremely polished Oxfords or George boots. If you want to discuss this solecism with me, then I suggest you check your insurance policies first.
  8. Put him on show parade.
  9. Absolutely: patent leather is the domain of primary school girls dressed up in frocks for birthday parties and of the US Army. Get some bull on your George boots.
  10. Patent leather? Tut tut....

    Bruce Forsythe wears them. 'nuff said.
  11. Have to wear a syrup to top out the outfit.
  12. You'll be telling me next that you don't wear velvet slippers with your smoking jacket!
  13. I made the error of having a smoking jacket made several years ago (in very deep plum coloured silk velvet).

    I have smoked a pipe since NI to keep away mozzies while on patrol (the pipe is the only way you may walk and smoke at the same time, and being a Gunner a pipe was the only choice) and now smoke cigars (Cohiba naturally!). Sitting in an anteroom or study, cigar in one hand and a glass of Louis XIII in the other while wearing a smoking jacket I always felt like a part of the old Empire. A most pleasing feeling.

    Then I became aware that everyone thought I was some kiddy-fiddler so I stopped wearing it: now I lend it to friends for fancy dress parties :(
  14. Yipes and By Gad!
    A mis-dressed Prime Minister? Disgusting, I say!

    Never the less, shouldn't we at least be getting het up about his ability as a World Leader rather than his dress state? I mean, it's like saying:
    "Bloody good chap, Lt St-John-Smythe. Well dressed, polite, knows how to tie his bow tie and wears great shoes. Fantastic officer. Hasn't a clue about running a platoon attack, but smashing dress sense!"

    I suspect poor old Tone had more to think about that night... too preoccupied by his nose diving career to try and remember how to tie those bloody bow ties up. He did look like he might have been hitting the booze to forget his troubles.
  15. True T_R_M, but it was chaps like Lt St.John-Smythe who (with the help of some rather fierce NCOs) won the Empire. Maybe if Bliar spent more time sorting himself out the country would be left alone from his interfering and allowed to get on with life.