Bliars Secret Ambition

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bugsy, Jan 18, 2006.

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  1. After Phoney Tony discovered (to his chagrin) that just about everybody in the UK very quickly sussed him for the slimy, lying, arrogant fücking toad that he is, I reckon he's changed his agenda a bit.
    In the beginning, he wanted to go down in history as "The Most Popular PM of all Time". But that was speedily scuppered by events that proved the truth of the above description.
    So now he's decided that to get the mention in the history books he so desperately wants and his vanity demands, he's aiming for the title: "The Longest-serving UK PM". I think that title belongs to Maggie the Mad Thatch at the moment, but Phoney Tony hopes to beat it. If not, he'll settle for: "The Longest-serving Liarbour PM". That's why he reneged on the promise to wee Georgie Broon to let him have a cabby at PM.

    Has anybody else had the same type of thoughts?

  2. I think his inent is to create a State that will serve him, preferably for the rest of his life.
    I would imagine the financial benefits to his premiership are beyond the imagination of us mere mortals.
    Personally I think Blair is the biggest threat to Britain since Hitler, difference is that he is getting away with it.

    I am proud to be British and consider Britain the greatest nation on earth. However I no longer see it as a desirable place to live. I would leave tomorrow but for one factor, its my country too and I have no wish to desert it
    Not sure how I can reconcile that with ID cards and rapidly dissappearing democracy. Answers on a postcard....
  3. Time in office means nothing. History will judge him on what he did in office, not how long he held it for. If "Longest-serving UK PM" is his highest ambition, he might as well f*ck off now.

    My ars* has been an ars* for 43 years, but all it has ever done is sh*t.
  4. Agreed. Being regarded as the longest serving who did the most damage to our countries reputation and freedoms, just makes us seem like fools for letting him do so.
  5. Repeatedly. No matter what he or his government do, the chattering classes keep voting for him. The damage he has done will take just as many years to correct as he has served as PM.

    As for ID Cards [JagMan], yet again the little sh1t will force through an expensive, ill thought out and pointless piece of legislation even though the house of lords (mostly his elected cronies) have said no.

    Rant, rant rant

  6. When he retires, let him get ill and have to go onto an NHS waiting-list. Let the illness prevent him driving a vehicle so he needs to use public transport and finally may chavs hang around outside his gaff and play fast and loose with the Public Order Act...this curse I wish on him in the name of all Arrsers!
  7. just remember it is not just him, it is the faceless advisors and civil serpents that do a lot of damage as well.