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BLiars Propaganda Machine Swings into Action Again!

I've just receieved two e-mails, the first is that the DTI is 're-branding' itself to the 'Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry'! Since when has a Government department being productive! Especially with the amont of money thats going to be wasted in consultants fees, new stationary, changes to their web-site, signage, etc!

The second e-mail was a collection of headlines and links relating to engineering and science stories in todays papers. The first link has the headline 'Manufacturing Leads Slide as Industrial Output Hits Nine-Year Low'!

It would be bl00dy funny if it wasn't so depressing!
jonwilly said:
The ecomomy is going and Blur/Bruin know it. Hence the one year early election before it had time to dawn on the great unwashed..
Very true and a recession on the horizon, one thing the pigs at the trough will look after themselves as always and the country will come a poor second :evil:
And if we do get a ressecion, that kinda shoots all of "The most sucseful chancelor in history's" plans in the ass.

That Leads me to ask the question, Are we going to have an amred forces left? or are we going the way of the NZ Airforce?
With Bliars plans to follow GB to the end of the world, even he realises that we are struggling at the moment........doesn't he :? ....tell me does :? ........and if old Gordon gets in, then better start looking at how NZ does things :evil:
'Department for Productivity, Energy and Industry'? Presumably we wil then have a 'Productivity, Energy and Industry Secretary'! What will be the acronym for that job? Don't all shout it out at once...


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