Bliars Press Sec. Says He Visits the Wounded

Has the Lord High Charlatan visited the wounded?

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After the Grauniad's story about Dave Corrigan, Blair's press officer Tom Kelly (the chap who called Dr. David Kelly a Walter Mitty figure) wrote to the paper and claimed Blair really has been visiting the wounded in hospital, but he doesn't tell the media because it's private.

Any sightings of the man? If you've seen Blair visiting the wounded, please contact me.
Shortly after the furore over Bliar & TCH's failure to visit the troops, and Prince Charles's visit to RCDM, I understand the Dear Leader did indeed go to Birmingham to see some of the wounded. His press people claimed that it was a long standing arrangement, which will explain why no-one at RCDM knew anything about it until a couple of days beforehand.

As far as I know neither the Grand Charlatan, TCH or any of their lickspittles has visited JSMRU Headley Court, or any of the MDHUs. As far as I am aware, they have also failed to visit Combat Stress, Priory Clinics or other facility treating service personnel with psychiatric injuries caused by their war service.
Although it would have been (still is) the right thing to do in my case i really dont think he would have been welcome. Way to busy dealing with the the guy's and relatives/admin.
I think i would not have been able to stop myself coming out with a smart arrse comment: Ow Hi there Tony, come over here and have a good look at what 9% burnes, wankerd leg/arm/hand/head looks like.
He didnt visit so my little pension in August is safe. Complete Cnut
Can this be converted at this late stage by EFP or a mod into a poll?

You Know

Bliar did visit us
Bliar hasn't visited our Wounded yet
I was coming round from the Anaesthetic and I cant be sure but
Forgot to add that TCB also didnt visit the 3 poor fukcers i collected from Bristol Priory. He would have had it been one of his celebrity mates there for the drying out. :roll:
Intelligent questioning in Parliament and use of the FoI act may well throw some light on Bliar's visits. Perhaps they are in the same category as his attempt to stow away to the Carribean...
It would be utterly amazing, and surely a resigning matter for at least one of the parties involved, if the letter from Mr Blair's Press spokesman did not have some basis in fact. This is the text of the Guardian letter about Mr Blair visiting the wounded:

  • Blair facts

    Thursday May 12, 2005
    The Guardian

    I'd like to pay tribute to your leader (True grit, May 5), in which you reflect that the oft-repeated story about the prime minister claiming he'd seen Jackie Milburn play for Newcastle United was, in fact, a lie invented and promulgated by the media. There is another more serious allegation, oft repeated, that I'd like to lay to rest. It cropped up most recently in Ed Vulliamy's profile of Dave Corrigan (Inside story: fighting mad, G2, May 4), a former soldier serving in Iraq. It is that the prime minister has never visited soldiers wounded in the Iraq conflict in hospital. He has - he just hasn't announced it to the media, because he believes such visits should be private.

    Tom Kelly
    Prime minister's press office
As PVR said..........FoI. 'Can the Prime Minister list or make available information on all past trips to visit Service Personnel either Officially or Unofficially where Public resources were used for either transportaion or protection purposes? Failing that could the PM indicate which MDHU or Hospital he visited in order to visit that/those wounded person/personnel?'
This is quite simple, ill phone one of the RCDM aeromed team on Monday and get the answer.

Perhaps we can have a Bliarwatch?

Does someone want to do an FoI or will I do they're getting sick of me by now! I doubt I can improve on the example shown on this thread!
Ok, had a quick chat with the duty bod at RCDM Birmingham this morning.

TCB did visit in, roughly, March of last year. At that time it was, relatively, quite.

The next 4/5 months saw a massive increase in casualties. In one case 5 from the same contact that also resulted, sadly, in a fatality. There were also young Johnson Beharry VC and 2 other VSI amoungst many others.

Perhaps TCB was advised that things were a little hot in Birmingham at that time. All of our casualties were visited by Commander Med (lunatic) and CGS.

I know that the PM is a busy man but I get a feeling that he/his advisors very carefully pick there time. So perhaps he has, on paper, done the right thing.

I still maintain that had he visited my lot the smarmy fukcer would not have received much in the way of a 'Your leave, to carry on, Sir please'
Sorry CF

So this is ONE visit since the war started yes? It's just that the reply to the Guardian above, implies that there was more than one? 'Such visits should be private"
So, perhaps this letter from Kelly is misleading:

It is that the prime minister has never visited soldiers wounded in the Iraq conflict in hospital. He has - he just hasn't announced it to the media, because he believes such visits should be private.
I would suggest that "visits" should be replaced by "a visit". Although, the singular "it" in the previous sentence sort of gives the game away!

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