Bliars New Year Resoulution. Suggestions please.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Stonker, Dec 31, 2006.

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  1. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    How about:

    "I really, really,really will stop making promises I've no intention of keeping".


    "I really, really,really will stop pushing my head so far up Dubya, it looks like I'm wearing him for a hat".

    Or perhaps you'd like to put words in the mouths of his cabinet, or his successor.

    Over to you lot.
  2. where did i put 'the big fat book of lies'
  3. "I will resign, and on my way home I will stop off at every house on the way and apologise for the mess I have left the Country in"
  4. I would suggest that he does the decent thing and checks into the Priory or does us all a favour and takes an OD and dies on a trolley wait in an NHS A&E Dept. I am surprised at the hatred, contempt and vile I feel for the PM of this country. We are a nation at War and it breaks my heart to see the cutbacks and penny pinching the treasury are doing. My God if Maggie were in power we would be in a different position. Anyone fancy staging a military coup and taking Blair out. Get a good decent right wing pro military government. Get the fcuk out of the EU. Re establish the Commonwealth. Ban Eastern European street beggars. Un Mothball the Navy and put the GREAT back into Britain.
  5. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    That was fast.

    Now , 2 questions.

    Why are you still at yr PC (sad git?)

    Where's the image?

    (Happy New Ear) :D
  6. "Nimrod" playing in the background.......

    Line starts here folks?
  7. This year I MUST stop being PM - I say this every year and people just aren't my friends anymore.

    This year I must also treat the armed forces like dirt, I've been far too kind - more wars and less money - they will be as overstretched as Jade Goody's G-Strings
  8. Sounds like Bliss. Whose holding the O Group?
  9. This year i really must stop being a patronising lying Git
    I must stop freeloading abd I really should acknowledge the Forces and treat them better........... :wink:

    I wish, Happy New year :D
    (and I'm sat at puter as there is Fook all onTV and I'm only half way through the HENNESY...Hic). :D
  10. "After you with that rope, Saddam!"
  11. George? Its Tony. I just phoned to say goodbye before I keep my new year resolution. I've fecked up the UK past the point of recovery, no-one likes me even my own party, the armed forces are just one insult away from open rebellion, we've killed thousands of Iraqis for sod all and I finally got my eyes fixed and have just seen my wife properly for the first time .... Jeez, I sh@gged that!
    So take it easy you shaved chimp .......... oh, its the bells. Time for my resolution …. <click> <BANG> ...... Bugger… missed! GORDON! ... can you help me out here? ........... <BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG>

    have a good one guys
  12. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs


    Belter :D