"Bliars" Last Stand!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by English_and_Proud!, Sep 24, 2006.

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  1. I see our illustrious "loser" is making his final Labour Party Conference speech on Tuesday from 1415-1545 hrs! What are the odds on it being truly sickening goo (Oh what and honest guy I've been) interupted by loads of standing ovations led by the party whips? I'll even put a crate of Port on the w*nker pulling of a few tears!
  2. Long live Blair!!Long live Blair!!Long live Blair!!Long live Blair!!
  3. Aw go on, admit it; you'll miss him when he's gone.
  4. I'd cut my fcukin' arm off rather than shake his hand!
  5. You dont want to lose the last vestiges of your sex life, do you?
  6. I'm left handed!
  7. i dont fcuking think so fella.
  8. Oh outstanding timing... The song "The Final Countdown" has just come on the Radio. :D :D
  9. Yeah, so what's so great about this new guy that's going to be taking over.
  10. do you know who he is.
  11. Well no, but my question was directed at you. Him stepping down is just asking for someone worse to get in.
  12. It's me!!! muwhaahahhhaaaaaaaaa! :)
  13. :D Lucky you.
  14. fair one things can only get worse. that's why when i have done my time i WILL be moving abroad.
  15. What's the bet that the Leaders speech is interrupted by a "looney left "heckler (again ) I've seen this done a least three times now. These guys are always plants, and Bliar will tell him that free speech is what its all about and therefore bombing Iraq was OK etc etc ad nauseum.