Bliars departure - More Whimper than Bang

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, Jun 25, 2007.

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  1. I'm highly disappointed he hasn't gone out with a bang. Those jihadis are idle b*ggers.
  2. Typical of the bastards, they can't do anything right...only fit for slaughtering kids and women
  3. Bang or whimper - he doesn't go until Wednesday. Set your dvd to record. It could be another 'good day to bury bad news'. (excuse the unintentional pun)
  4. Might have news that will make everyone smile. Mum's the word for the moment. More very soon.
  6. Nothing would give me greater pleasure then to see Blur get his cumupance once he is no longer PM.
    He has so much to answer for.
    Yesterday I watched Simpsons Worldon the Beebs World Service and John Simpson interviewed the Brit Ambassador to Ganistan.
    The Ambassador came across as a switched on bloke who knew his bussines, he was talking of a Thirty year commitment to Ganistan.
    Blur just after his election talked of an era without UK at war.
    How long will Tom have to Fight so that War Profiteers such as Blur may increase their wealth.
  7. Why are you all so down on Blair. The Tory's stated that they would have taken the same action on the war on terror as labour, and Blair did bring in the national minimum wage. Thanx to the Tory's being f.ucked off I no longer have to work for £2.65p an hour!!
  8. Errm - because the man is a vain arrogant deceitful and incompetent charlatan, who deliberately purveyed falsoehoods, to get Brits into a war that is needless, that has been incompetnetly handled since day 1, and for which he steadfastly has failed to deliver the necessary resources, whilst permitrting the wounded and the damaged to go to the wall upon their return to this country, where he has stifled the right to protest against his insane policy in the middle east.

    I think that about covers it, for me at any rate. How much more do you think I should need?
  9. You made an exceedingly dry, dry remark there french. Bravo!
    A version of which should definitly have a place in a book of quotations.

    Even surpasses Dorothy Parker's quip when told that the dreadfully boring President Coolidge had died, asked, "How can they tell?"
  11. This has me in two minds:

    On the one hand, he might be targeted for Termination (Dear Santa, I've been vewy, vewy good this year...)

    On the other, I keep hearing him say, "I'll be back." Nnnnooooooooooo!!!!!!!
  12. That statement is a wah right ?


    Perhaps you hadnt noticed that apart from the minimum wage, which is being negated by illegal and migrant labour that the dear leader is the biggest snake oil slaeman and cnut this country has seen!
  13. Just wait until tomorrow, he'll be carried from Downing Street on the shoulders of his cronies atop 4 gold elephants. The gathered ranks of Neu Arbeit will clamour to kiss his feet, he will cure the sick, heal the lame, the blind will see and the Thames will run with milk and honey.

    You'll see...

    Hopefully Knacker of the Yard will be there to meet him as well!