Bliars comment on Iraq deaths

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Sep 5, 2005.

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    This may not be the time, but this comment has made me very angry.

    "We will watch developments with sadness as when ever attacks like this occur in Iraq". WTF is that about? That is the comment of a detached observer with nothing to do with the situation, not the person responsible for sending troops into action.

    What a cnut. Words fail me.

  2. Well, we rightly criticise when we see wringing-of-hands and bleeding heart type comments, but I never expected to see comments from him that didn't even make sense.

    Is it really from Prescott perchance ?. Or Leo ??.
  3. I'm sorry , not a Blair-bash , but what exactly is he saying? What does he mean by "We" ?

    Perhaps the reporter was confused by the Shatneresque delivery? Or is Blair using the "3rd party" style again?
  4. I... Just..... Can't.... Express my.... levels of, Sympathy enough for the family.....

  5. The man is an embarrassment.
  6. And yet the general plebs of this country voted him in. I personally think it was he comes over as media friendly and banal enough not to confuse the sport/scum/mirror readers.

    On the other side he is starting to sound like Ronald Regan. In the end he was talking gibberish.

  7. The man is turning into a parody of himself. His style of speech delivery is less fluent than that of various foreign heads of state when they speak English, his sincerity is never NOT in doubt and he is a moral bankrupt. I’d rather he kept his platitudes to himself: actions speak louder than words.
  8. So they were dry official words of a clerk. As to highly esteemed learned mr.Blair then his personal reaction will be no doubt emotional and sincere.

    Those who (in vain of course) try to present beloved great leader of British people as soulless stone-hearted moster (as in Guardian's cartoons) will be defeated and their shameless and shamfull efforts will be regarded by many generations as ugly attempts to undermine the glory of British Empire.

    PS. Btw, I expected that my post with quote from BBC could be locked, but deletion... However, now I understand the rules.
  9. Good , glad you do Sergey. There is no discussion on this forum of either Courts-Martials in progress , or those pending.

    Simply because as numerous people have pointed out, quotes from this forum have a habit of ending up in the press.


  10. RIP Lads.................
  11. Oh, FFS, do us all a favour. What the hell do you expect him to say? If he sympathises it's wrong, if he say's nothing it's wrong. Let's be honest, whatever he says is going to be wrong isn't it?

    I'm so right wing I'm almost falling over the edge, but believe me this relentless Blair bashing is getting bloody tiresome even to me. Criticism is all well and good, but when the bloke is vilified for getting out of bed in the morning or farting in the bath, the critics start to look silly, not to mention obsessive and maybe even just a little weird. The danger with relentless ranting is that if there is a valid point in there somewhere, no one will notice after a while. In short, please get a life that has horizons just a little wider and more exciting than monitoring Tony's every step.

    Condolences to the families. They are the one's that matter, let's keep politics out of it.
  12. It's a shame that the general concensus of contempt and disgust that many members of this forum and the forces in particular hold of Tony B Liar isn't reported.

    One question I do have though, will the next Government (anyone but Labour) instigate a full investigation into the whole Iraq debacle? Be interesting to see the rats jumping ship then.
  13. There is another thread for the guys that we've lost. This one is obviously about Blair's comments.

    Yes it's right that he comments, and as they are not his next door neighbours he doesn't know anything personal. There is also only a limited range of comments for the occasion.

    "err - I'll be watching, as usual" isn't one of them, hence the thread.
  14. I doubt. Lib.dems are simply a part of political landscape without real prospects to be at power. Tories made and will make similar things, they don't need a precedent at all. It is a democracy.
  15. I think the problem with Blair is that most of the public does not believe is capable of being sincere. He's been too dishonest in the past, been caught out not apologised and now the public just does not trust anything he says. Instead they believe that anything he does say is the benefit of one 'Anthony L. Blair' Which is a shame as I do think that the deaths in Iraq do bother him and he is sincere in his regrets over the deaths in Iraq - after all he is human.