Bliars choice of Funeral

Isn't it interesting that Bliar attended the funeral for Ken Bigley, who went to Iraq of his own free will to make money, but has not attended a single soldiers funeral, who have no choice about whether to go and are actually sent there by Bliar. Now clearly he couldn't attend every one (74 to date) but i think i'm correct in saying no government representative turns up either. Having said that- i can't think of anything worse than having someone like TCH turn up at my funeral!

Any views?
Bliar's attendance at the Bigley event was, as usual, an entirely cynical attempt to buy votes. No doubt his advisers told him it would be good for his image; contrast the reaction he'll get with the way the Scousers chuntered about Boris Johnson. There is no depth to which this despicable creature will not sink in the quest for power.
Soory my epectations were raised there for a not the 'Beloved Leaders' funeral then.............just a money hungry scouser who happened to get caught while doing a highly paid job of his own free will in Iraq having emigrated to Thailand. Ah well then.........................never mind; we just have to pray harder :wink:
if I was Ken Bigleys brother, who had been so scathing about TBLiar, I would have told the leech to feck off and not sully my brothers name or memory.

It is another attempt to "win" votes by being seen as the caring leader of the people, much the same as Stalin portraid himself whilst ordering his own populations starvation/beatings/murder.
Re zippy 483s' last; Where and when does the queue start? (As it will be enourmous I'd like to be near the front of it!) :twisted:

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