Bliars a tw*t implies Fat Cnut Prescott

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tattybadger, Dec 23, 2007.

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  1. Prescott take on Bliar's Conversion - clickey

    Occasionally the fat, boorish oaf makes a statement that's a gem. Yesterday was one of those days as he commented on his former master's recent final step to conversion.

    Blair's conversion and Bush's claims that God drives his decision making confirm that we have been taken on a long and rocky road by a pair of monkeys who cannot make fact-based decisions, instead relying on primitive beliefs to forge foreign and domestic policies.
  2. Blunkett or Prescott - you can't have both...
  3. Good point and you're right.

    Still any excuse to pop at any of the twats!!! :D
  4. Easy to spot the difference - dinner jacket, corduroy trousers and slippers.

    Oh fcuk, lamp post.
  5. I'm not sure which one's worse - the deluded Catholic mentalist with the hideous wife and hypocritical bank-balance, the appalling, illiberal blind one who managed to use his status and power to inveigle young women into his bed or the useless, over-promoted shop-steward who will doubtless be Lord Prescott of Hull if we aren't lucky enough to see him drop dead from a well-deserved heart-attack after a surfeit of turkey and pudding in the next 48hrs.
  6. .....did I forget to add "God bless us, every one"
  7. If I ever convert to islam and become a suicide bomber, prescott is up there with blair as a target.

    blair and prescott two of the most useless politicians this country has ever had a pox on them both.
  8. VB,

    A suicide bomber steaming into in a chinese restaurant to make a hit on the lump.

    Wot a mess and wot a fcuking bill.
  9. And don't get me started on fcuking Cyclops, the traitorous, thieving, self-righteous, lying scumbag.

    Anyway, I'm going to bed before Sven, Poison Dwarf or any of the other 'New' Labour apologists piles in with the clinching argument 'yeah, wot about Thatcher?' Get a new argument, it has been ten years (each one longer and more miserable than the last).
  10. So Bliar's converted to Catholosism. A former PM who has taken Britain to more conflicts than any recent leader. He agrees that we should have the right to choose abortion, and he bought in laws to recognise gay rights and single sex, civil partnerships...............................The Pope must be overjoyed at his newest member!!!!!!!
  11. He seemed happy enough when they met the other day...
  12. Isn't that just the same as King of the Sh1theap?
  13. Tony who?

    Oh Tony Blair.. the PM with the largest majority in the commons in recent years when he was elected and in three terms of office went on to achieve....

    ... precisely f#ck all.

    The man's a nonentity, I don't give a f#ck what church he prays at. How typical of the egocentric tw#t to think that anyone does.
  14. Strange aint it?
    After years of kissing Dubya's ring, he's changed it to kissing the Popes.