Bliar visited the wounded....biography claim

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. Hmm, he says, scratching chin. How could he not want it to become political? It should be political - the decision maker paying respect to those who pay the price for the decision taken, and showing respect in public.

    I don't believe a word of it. Where are all these people who have been visited by this latter-day Florence Nightingale, flitting anonymously from bedside to bedside. Surely eveon one discharged veteran would have admitted to have being visited by now? :evil:

    Liar. The rest of the extract is worth reading, although the man can never feel enough despair to balance the consequences of his mendacity.
  2. I understand that he did visit Headley Court once, just before he left office. I am told that he was visibly shaken.

    I know several people at RCDM (from whom I knew that various members of the Royal family had made private visits), but none of them have ever mentioned Bliar of the WMF visiting.
  3. Is this one of those damned if they do damned if they don't scenarios?
  4. Of course it's political. Blair is far too accomplished a PR-master for this story to be anything but fully calculated, planned and scheduled. To take it for anything else would be foolish and naive.
  5. Personally speaking, if I woke up in hospital with the Wicked Witch and her husband hovering over me, my first SOP would be to check my wallet.
  6. What an awful thought,its what hell must be like.

    Pity the lying toad and his hanger ons couldnt be bothered to show thier respects at Brize when the casualties were coming back.
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    and then dig around in your bedspace for your gatt. You never know your luck!
  8. Sounds like one token visit to Headley Court then. :evil:
  9. A pity he wasn't violently shaken, out of a window maybe.

    If our former PM is now essentially 'walting it' re our casualties and trying to belatedly gain credibility for visits that didn't take place then I hope his claims can be confirmed one way or the other and followed by a 'outing' in the national press. It's the least he's due.
  10. Well said Strait Jacket - shouldn't be too difficult to verify, although I doubt that there are many recovering who will want to relive the moment - if it ever happened.
  11. The biography was written by Anthony Seldon, not exactly a Blairite. Why do You doubt that He did this - because the author (as Headmaster of a 'public' school and fierce advocate of the independent system) is prone to making things up? Not checking His facts? Is a Blairite?

    Do some reading, check how His previous biographies of Blair were seen by Blair and then see how the Conservatives acknowledged His other works.
  12. A story did the rounds among some RAMC types I know, that he visited Selly Oak in mid-2005 (spookily, not long after there was some criticism in the press about him not having been, although I'm sure there can't be any connection). The story goes that he walked through the corridors, and came on a cleaner who was mopping the floor. Somewhat surprised, the cleaner seemed at a loss for words, so Tony slithered up to her and wittered on about how important the NHS was, and how it was safe in his hands. 'Never mind all that dear' said the cleaner, 'haven't you brought Camilla with you - I want to see her wedding ring'. Cue strangled laughter from the mil pers.

  13. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The problem with Blair is his past form
    Given that he is a slimey weasel who manipulated the truth when it suits him no one knows who or what to believe anymore
    Personally I think had he done the visit then the press would have been all over it
    An insider would have 'leaked' it to someone much the same as the Princess Di visits to the homeless at night always just happend to have a passing film crew nearby
    Or we would have had a cheese fest of sutibly distressed Bliar giving us a lecture on the troops giving us there all and how he supports them but the fact that these lads here will lose allowences etc isn't my fault I don't make the rules.
    I'm firmly in the don't believe it camp
  14. Seldon may or may not have reasonable credentials - depending on your point of view. But this 'visit' should be quite easy to verify, or was everyone sworn to secrecy do you think?

    All Seldon has to do is to provide a date on which this visitation took place. After all, the Prime Minister's movements are never really that secret.
  15. hear hear!!