Bliar to reintroduce capital punishment for treason ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cutaway, Sep 27, 2004.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    One of the delegates at the Party conference called The Glorious Leader; 'the worst Prime Minister for a century and a half,' and went on to say that with Blair at the helm 'we are in trouble' and 'would probably lose the next election.'

    Is he the next man due to go off for a quiet walk in the country alone ......?
  2. Now that is wishful thinking :twisted:
  3. I think he was refering to the guy who called the egotistical one the worst PM in a century and a half, not BLiar (though we can dream I suppose).
  4. Sorry, just the thought it might be the glorious leader...............
  5. You Barstewards!!!!!!! You got me all excited as there are a few people around me at the moment that deserve a good hanging :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  6. Would save a lot of money going to prisons from tax if they brought back capital punishment!! :evil: 8)
  7. Oh, oh, oh my FAVOURITE topic!
    The cost of Incarceration versus Health Care.

    A long, long time ago (1999) in a far, far away place (Scotland) there lived a sweet innocent fairy princess (shut it right) called BBC and she worked with the nasty pasty (sex offenders) and had the pleasure of dealing with the unit budget...

    Points to note.

    It costs more to keep a sex offender in a special unit per day than to keep a person alive in IUC on a life support system with 24 full team support.

    Sex offenders families are not forced to sell their (the offenders) home to finance their 'care' unlike the elderly in residential care.

    The meal allowance is three times on average that of a squaddie (nice breakfast?)

    And my favourite, unlike many hospital with long term care facilities for rehabilitation sex offenders have the right to have televisions and satellite TV, including ALL channels, do I have to make that clearer? cou'porn'gh

    I was told it was time to take a sabbatical when I suggested we have hooks in their rooms and rope making classes...
  8. Right with you there on this topic, BBC! :D

    Just think of the amount of assault (sexual or otherwise) that would be stopped due to the fact that, when caught, they would hang! :lol:

    Bring it back, I say!!! :twisted:
  9. amen
  10. Now we'll probably get somebody bitching that if you hang someone for a crime they didn't commit, you can't bring them back! 8O

    My response would be, that DNA, etc has come a long way since those days, so it would be 99% accurate anyway!! :D :twisted:

  11. Out of interest what was the cost?????
    Right with you both on hanging these Cretins :evil: :evil: I do think hanging is too good for them
  12. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I had an interesting point written down, but actually, I'm up for a lynchin' now..

  13. Well each 'resident' has his own room, heated 24/7, with electricity and TV.
    He then has a personal allowance and unlike prison doesn't have to earn this,
    He has phonecards and stamps unrestricted within reason.
    He has a daily menu choice and can have food ordered in if he pays for it!
    Clothing allowances and free haircuts etc.

    These are the minimal cost items.

    He then has a ratio of security based on his category.
    He also has a ratio of health care professionals again based on his ability and vulnerability.

    These are the real cost.

    Example might be a cat A suicidal male on close watch but not in isolation. He would need 24 supervision, so that's two prison staff on 8-hour shifts 6 per day (in case one goes to pee) as well as a minimum of one nursing officer at all times 3 a day.

    The budgets are based on THIS case scenario and costed as such. If you don't use your budget you lose your budget so it's not been unheard of for staff, senior staff, to go out and buy a few grands worth of Christmas presents for the residents. I know one unit had mega drives long before they came on the market in the UK.

    Exact numbers vary according to the level of unit you're in.

    Let's just say over all, looking at the HO numbers of persons in units, the Forces could have been less trimmed if we hung half, because ladies and gentlemen let's face facts, our taxes pay to keep the child rapist cosy......
  14. Ok costing are high, BUT, why do they always put the costing of staff pay? would they not be at work anyway?

    would it cost the same if that room was given over say to a cat C suicidal inmate?.
    i always see these things where it costs Blah,Blah blah for keeping a prisoner or for the number of police required, or the operation that costs god knows how many they just buy it all in for each and every person, or situation?

    costings! accurate? bah!
  15. hangings to good for em ....... a good kick *********** is what they need 8O :?