Bliar to face Iraq Inquiry soon?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Stonker, May 18, 2007.

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  1. From today's Independent:
    Sound of knives sharpening, or whitewash stirring?

    I look at One-Eyed-Gordo (deprived so long of his 'rightful inheritance' 8) ) and I am almost sure I hear the former.
  2. In a just world, perhaps.
    Sadly, in the brave new Britain of new Liebour spin, I fear that I'm not holding my breath.
    Unless, of course, Gorgo is feeling vindictive - and I sense that he is perhaps a vindictive man. But I can't believe that it will go beyond a bit of playground mud chucking.
  3. I suppose it depends how much Gordie feels his chances of winning the next election are likely to be hampered by blair's "legacy": an inquiry would be the ideal way to categorically distance himself from the whole sorry mess and ingratiate himself with all those who feel the Iraq situation has been mishandled from the start.

  4. ...who would hopefully ask the question why he never came out beforehand.
  5. Nowt will happen we all know. They knew they pulled the wool over the public's eyes with the 25 minutes from death speech 'we need to invade now of Iraq will push the WMD 'weapons of mass dissapeared' button'.

    We lost the war the day we landed. Now we are being picked off day by day. Fooks sake they now have a shaped charge which can take out a challenger!
  6. Exactly - I'd like to think that just keeping very, very quiet about Iraq wouldn't get him off the hook.
  8. More please - is this something I've missed?
  9. lf common folk are being arrested for just carrying/possessing eggs by the cops. Tony B'liar should be arrested, just for loitering on the 'world stage' with intent to do more permanent damage to our once GREAT nation; then that's NEW LABOUR for you - NO shame, whatsoever.........

    Don't forget though, it's the tax payer, forces personal included, that are paying for his (and l bet the rest of the B'liar FREEBIE family aren't that far behind) 'OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH, Look At ME Tour, 2007!' lt's FREE all perks included - and no-one has yet, picked him up on his BIG carbon foot prints. How Green is NEW LABOUR - again ?

    l apologise for leaving the subject some-what, but lets put the guy B'liar in the stocks.
  10. It'll only happen once the perpetrators are long gone.
  11. I think that when he leaves the security of his system he will then try to bury the nightmare that is IRAQ. People will see that the problem remains-the solution is not in sight-the perpetrator of this crime against the human race-is still at large.

    Then the deafening silence of absent justice will haunt the minds of the moral few who remain in power. Then and only then will the laughing cavalier be called back to face his war.

    Only then will the wax creases on the face of denial break-the reality will one day dawn and the man who is responsible for the hell that is- will walk the path of human justice.

    I know it, I feel it with every fibre of my being-he will one day be called to explain-WHY.

    There will be no reason, no justified explanation, no escape from the dawn of his reality-then the man behind this struggle into the abyss will understand that with his power there was great responsibility and that responsibility was- for Britain-Tony Blair's.
  12. Perhaps Gordon knows that the end in Iraq will be messy, and the bloodletting when we pull out will be horrible. This will reflect badly on the PM of the moment, if he wants to be elected then he has to say that it was nothing to do with him. How better a way to do it and stick the knife in his Tonyness than this?

    But then where was Gordon's voice when the invasion was being prepared?

    I too hope he pays, or rather they both do.

    Shaped-charge to take out a chally? Are there still a lot of them there, and why?

    $50m house tell more.
  13. I expect the inquiry will be conducted with the same thoroughness and attention to facts as the 2003 Hutton Inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly.

    No blame will be apportioned, guilty parties will be exonerated and the nasty student who wrote the "45 minute release of weapons of mass destruction" dossier some 10 years prior will be reprimanded for failing to copywrite his material.

    Whitewash incoming!!!!!!!!
  14. There has to be a fall guy. Whether it's Blair or not, who knows? Praps Blair could see off the Attorney General in much the same way that David Kelly went, and pin the blame for Iraq onto him. And just like Lee Harvey Oswald before him, the stiff couldn't defend himself. Then Broon could get a hitman to see off Blair just like Jack Ruby and the whole sorry package could be despatched quickly into history, to allow a clear passage for Broon to the next election, on the back of an antiWar / antiBlair / antiSleaze / honest Gordon, Iraq's now part of dead Tony's sordid dealings and nothing to do with me campaign.

    I'd vote for him.
  15. :D :D

    Goldsmith has the CPS in his pocket and will be instrumental in recommendation of cash for honours prosecutions despite the denial of a conflict of interest.

    Once he has adjusted his report to reflect Bliars opinions, then I`m sure a tragic accident may occur. He would have outlived his purpose in the Bliar/Goldsmith symbiotic relationship. :twisted: :twisted: