Bliar Stands Shoulder to Shoulder with Portrugal

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mussolini93, May 11, 2007.

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  1. Bliar said in his valedictory speech that he stood shoulder to shoulder with Britiain's oldest ally after 9/11. Well our oldest ally is Portrugal. While Wellington was fighting the French in the Peninsula war in 1812, we were at war with the septics and even burnt down the White House.

    But then Bliar and/or his script writers wouldn't know that.
  2. He's always said that history is a closed book to him. And given all the repeat of historic mistakes he's made ... you can well believe it!
  3. Yes,I heard that as well.

    Britian has been Portugal's ally for over 600 years,some 150 years before Columbus sailed across the Atlantic in 1493.

    It just goes to show how far B*liar is up Bush's arrse!.
  4. He may have been confused as the cousins were rather more helpful to us in WWII even if it did take them a while to arrive.

  5. I think Portugal gave very good help to the Allies

    "After the German invasion of France, Portugal adopted a liberal visa policy allowing thousands of Jewish refugees to enter the country. As the war progressed, Portugal gave entry visas to those coming via rescue operations, on the condition that Portugal would only be used as a transit point. Portugal also joined other neutral countries in the efforts made to save Hungarian Jewry. More than 100,000 Jews and refugees were able to flee Nazi Germany into freedom via Lisbon. By the early 1940s, there were hundreds of thousands of Jews arriving in Lisbon and leaving weeks later, to the United States. Of those, only a minority decided to stay in Portugal. All of the Jews and Jewish refugees living in Portugal survived the war."
  6. We were the first country the USA fought (although first time around, I suppose it was really a civil war), so I'm not sure if they regard us as their oldest ally.

    Didn't Blair also claim that we declared war in 1939 to save the Jews?