Bliar slags the BBC to Murdoch

I know who I would back in a trust competition between Bliar and the Beeb.

Bliar obviously has a longrunning grudge against the BBC because he can't tell it what to do or buy it off. This was probably an attempt to curry favour with Murdoch and I reckon Bliar made his comments between mouthfuls of the Dirty Digger's didgeridoo.

TONY Blair has sparked another furious row with the BBC after claiming the corporation's coverage of the hurricane Katrina disaster was anti-American.

According to remarkable claims by Rupert Murdoch, the world's most powerful media baron, the Prime Minister was so shocked by the BBC's reporting of hurricane Katrina that he described it as "full of hatred of America".

The Prime Minister told Murdoch he had been appalled by what he saw as the BBC's "gloating" at America's misfortune as it attempted to recover from the catastrophe.

Murdoch revealed that he met Blair on Thursday last week while the Prime Minister was in New York for the United Nations Summit.

Murdoch made his explosive revelation at a seminar in the city on Friday evening, held by former President Bill Clinton, who also attacked the BBC's coverage.

The News International chairman told the audience: "Tony Blair - perhaps I shouldn't repeat this conversation - told me yesterday [Thursday] that he was in Delhi last week, and he turned on the BBC World service to see what was happening in New Orleans; and he said it was just full of hate of America and gloating about our troubles."
The man is going to looking for a job in Murdochs empire when he's kick of the board of UK.PLC.

The man is a complete and utter T1T. I was tired of the amount of coverage the event got and how little the dead soldiers in Basra received.

I agree with you, MrPVRd. Phoney Tony's a vindictive fatherless at the best of times, so he'll use any opportunity to take a cheap shot at the Beeb.
Actually, I found a lot of the Septic reports on "Norleens" much more scathing than any Brit ones, or even German, Italian, French or Spanish for that matter.

partners in crime, the Beeb isn't perfect, but murdoch and blair are cut from the same corrupt, shit-stained cloth
I found CNN to carry the more damageing reports then the BEEB.
The BEEB had a high quality report by Charles Wheeler which put the Boot in, in the manner which only a Jurno of his standing can
Blurs wants Majors job? AGAIN!


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PartTimePongo said:
The man is going to looking for a job in Murdochs empire when he's kick of the board of UK.PLC.
I'd have thought Carlyle myself.
yeah....that'd explain why he was so keen for John Chisholm to continue enriching himself by floating Qinetiq on the stock market......what a pair of slimeballs....

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