Bliar signs truce in Athens!


Iraq: Massacre fears as Najaf peace talks collapse; Sunni city bombed Athens: Blair signs ‘sham’ truce

US warplanes yesterday bombed the Sunni stronghold of Samarra and the fragile ceasefire in Najaf abruptly ended amid fears of an impending “massacre” ... yet British Prime Minister Tony Blair signed up to an Olympic Truce in Athens.
The truce, which called for a halt to conflict and for peace and reconciliation during the Games, was signed by 450 world leaders and international personalities. US President George Bush declined.

As Blair added his signature, fears were growing that the failure of peace talks between the new interim government and fighters loyal to radical Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr would lead to more deaths.
My heart is weeping purple tears of universal love at this sublime display of compassion by the Dear Leader! I am floating along to the New Labour Weekend Alpha Academy on a fluffy pink cloud of joy!

Or has he merely been experimenting with some of the athletes' chemical concoctions, in a bid for Cliff Richard-like eternal youth?
I am sure we can all picture the look of serenity upon the Dear Leader's face as he made yet another magnificent contribution to world peace!

How lucky we are to live in a country governed so well by the Mighty Manipulator, even when he is away for several weeks' free holiday....

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