Bliar reneges on aid promise

This comes as no surprise at all - despite promising to 'more than match' public donations of £300million towards tsunami aid, Bliar's shabby government has in fact spent only £75million on direct aid, despite saying it that it had committed £275million.

Although Britain prides itself on always matching its promises with funds, Mr Blair is guilty of pledging assistance that he has failed to deliver. In his first remarks about the tsunami, he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that action was needed rather than words.
A triumph of soundbite over substance, as usual.

Full story: The Times
No real surprise - the usual lies about aid that never get fulfilled; UK isn't the only one by all accounts.
Erm..."Blair lies" is this news still, to anyone? Blair lying oughtn't to be in current affairs but in the lamp and sandbag (possibly "woolsack and Pugin chandelier"?) forum...
Isn't human nature wonderful?. Over the millennia we have amassed a sort of 'collective knowledge', e.g. that to stick your hands in a fire will hurt, and that shoving concrete up your arris is not a good thing. It must be a survival instinct.

Recently I've heard a few reports from BBC chappies named Phil Williams and Nick Horton. Now, 'my' Phil is a damned fine bloke and I'm extremely sympathetic to the Beeb's Phil's views unless he really goes against the grain. By contrast, 'my' Nick is an arrogant tösser who has tried to stitch me up on more than one occasion and nearly cost me a lot of dosh - hence I tend to treat everything said by the Beeb's Nick with caution.

Last weekend I heard a new reporter - well, the name was new though I recall it not - and as he spoke I took an instantaneous dislike to him, and gave absolutely no credence to anything he said, mentally challenging every statement. I sort of caught myself doing it, and wondered why. In the reporter-studio exchange that followed the reason dawned on me. This reporter sounded exactly like Blair, although he at least didn't break every lie into bursts of 3-5 word packages.

It goes to show that however civilised mankind may become (if I might include myself) we know that listening to a liar is a baaaaad thing for your survival......and best avoided.

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