Bliar questioned by police over Cash for Honours

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stickybomb, Dec 14, 2006.

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  1. Regrettably, not under caution.
  2. Just on the news now. Bliar is getting 'interviewed' by the police regarding 'Cash for Honours'. Only as a witness and not as a suspect..........

    More to follow.
  3. Interviewed on the same day as the Stevens enquiry reports and the announcement of a VC and GC.

    Good day to bury bad news?
  4. Sure looks that way
  5. So the threats didn't work then?

    Good, well done that investigating Copper :D
  6. three threads going on this topic in the CA in the last 15 mins!!.

    it must be important! :D
  7. And he is not likely to be questioned again or prosecuted :? There is no justice :x :x
  8. Feel his collar? JUST THROTTLE THE FECKER!!!
  9. The Beeb has said that His not being interviewed is an indication that there will probably be no charges.
  10. It must have crossed the good constable's mind.

    Would any resident Neue Arbeit apologists care to comment on the timing of this little snippet? The Di report and two posthumous gallantry awards...seems very convenient to me. The 'pop' of the No 10 Press Office smoke grenades is almost palpable.

    I bet this story has disappeared down the ratings by the time the drones are sitting in front of the box with their TV dinners this evening...unless a news editor or two have acquired some minerals.
  11. Not entirely accurate; it was an indication that the Dear Leader will probably not be charged, but that doesn't mean that other members of his grubby, mendacious little gang won't face charges.

  12. I hope that You similarly turn Your quaint turn of phrase onto those who have possibly carried out similar naughtyness in the Conservative and Lib Dem parties
  13. Robinson has just this moment said that the police - if there is any slight chance of a charge being brought - will err on the side of caution and read the person their rights.

    He said that the implication therefore is that Blair will not be charged.

    Robinsons words, not mine