Bliar, Prescat and the 'two cnuts'

Bliar calls Prezza in and say, 'John I have a great idea, we are going to go all out and win the rural vote in Britain'

'Great idea Tone, how will we go about it?'

Well, we'll get ourselves tweed jackets, flat caps, a stick and a labrador, then we'll really look the part. We'll go to a nice old country pub in one of those posh villages and we'll prove we really enjoy the countryside!'

'OK' says prezza.

So a few days later, all kitted out and with the requisite labrador at heel, they set off from London in a westerly direction. Eventually they find a lovely country pub and go in.

'Good evening landlord, may we have two pints of your finest ale?' says Tone.

'Good evening Primeminister', says the landlord, 'teo pints of best it is.'

They stand there at the bar occassionaly nodding at those that come in.

The dog lies quietly at their feet when, all of a sudden the door from the other bar flies open and in walks an old shepherd, complete with crook. He walks over to the dog, lifts its tail, looks underneath, shrugs and walks back to the other bar.

Moments later another shephered walks in, repeats the process, scratches his head and walks back to the other bar.

Over the cours of the next few hours more and more locals come in and do the same, all walking away looking puzzled. Eventually they can stand it no longer and call the landlord over to ask whats going on.

'Tell me,' says Tone, 'Why do all the shepherds and locals come in and look under the dogs tail like that? Is it some local custom?'

'Good Lord, no,' says the landlord, 'It's just that word has spread in the other bar that there is a dog in here with two cnuts.'

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