Bliar Out!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. From a completely theoretical point of view, is Bliar a danger to this country? Consider the failure of Iraq, the likely failure of Afghanistan and the home-grown terrorist threat. Also consider Bliar's response to any criticism of his world-view. He refused to accept a JIC report claiming that invading Iraq would increase the UK terrorist threat.

    Now, if Bliar is a danger to this country, should he be removed? How?

    I can think of a number of mechanisms:

    Removal at the Labour party conference 2006.
    Losing a vote of confidence in Parliament.
    Parliamentary impeachment.
    Arrest for misconduct in public office.
    Public demonstrations and civil disobedience calling for his removal.
    Detention in a secure hospital due to mental illness (megalomania, delusions).
    Kidnap, relase dependent upon his replacement.
    Removal in the Spencer Perceval tradition ie. assassination.

    My view is that, under the current circumstances, all except the last two are acceptable. How much further can the lunatic go? According to the Telegraph, he now wants to stay in No 10 until 2008.
  2. Incidentally, Spencer Perceval was shot by a failed businessman who blamed him for his difficulties.

    Hmm...I wonder if "lord" Levy may lose the plot if prison beckons! :twisted:
  3. No

    Conservative government (the only realistic alternative) would continue the same line. is a PM of HM government, a democratically ellected leader. Disrespect for him is disrespect to British voter.

    You have forgotten a military coup.
  4. Unfortunately, 'new' labour is akin to the mythological Hydra. If you cut off one head, it will be replaced by another, equally obnoxious one.

    Hercules finally dispatched the Hydra by having Iolaus cauterize the open wounds with a torch as he sliced off the heads, thus preventing them from growing again. The last head could not be harmed by any weapon, so Hercules crushed it with one mighty blow from his club, he then tore off the head with his bare hands and quickly buried it deep in the ground, placing a huge boulder on the top.

    Not that I am condoning anything.....

    Perhaps this could become one of the 'New' Labours of Hercules!
  5. Wouldn't work...there aren't enough troops left in the UK!

    I've never voted for the lying toe-rag, and at the last election only 1 in 5 voted for him. The numbers of votes cast for the respective Tory and Labour parties in 2005 were similar to the votes cast in 1993 - when John Major was re-elected. The only people who have voted for Bliar are the Labour party 10 years ago and the voters of Sedgefield in 2005.
  6. I'm not that familiar with the political procedures in the UK, but isn't there some process whereby, when so-and-so many millions of people sign a petition, it has to be seriously discussed by the gobment? Or has Phoney Tony removed that option already?

  7. Thank you KGB - a very good reply except the fact that the man is a danger to this country. Not because of his foreign policy which is basically correct (though very unpopular with current perceived wisdom ie the Islington Dinner party set) but because he makes the Labour Party look electable.

    Oh and the chap doesn't mention coups by the military because we had one of those a long time ago and we didn't think very much of the result.
  8. How about an ex forces coup
  9. Can't Hezbollah kidnap him? They could make all the demands they want then. We'll just ignore them. We'll not invade Lebanon either. Well, not unless they theraten to send them back.......and if we have enough troops.
  10. I'm just living in hope (vain hope, probably) that the Police investigation into alleged corruption finds enough evidence to lock Tony and his cronies up. The investigating officer will have to have b*ll*cks the size of a bull elephant, but he would be the toast of the town if he does it.
  11. Can you carry out a citizen arrest?

    Is it worth the abuse and shame of being an SPC, jsut to slap cuffs on TB?
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Is Bliar a danger to his (our) country?

    Probably not as we are living in a fairly peaceful (notwithstanding the neds/chavs/pikies) country.

    Now, if the question was along the lines of 'Is Bliar a danger to servicemen and servicewomen' then the answer can only be - of course he fecking is. However for a national response to that I refer you to a certain poem by Mr Kipling :cry:
  13. I think he's classed as a civilian - so there's more chance of the Israelis doing it.
  14. Auld-Yin, you must guard against being complacent. People were still commenting on how peaceful Germany was as they piled books onto the bonfires. He may not have fully endangered the country yet, but he is laying the foundation stones for the collapse of our once-great nation.