Bliar on Iraq, Bank of England, inventing sliced bread....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Nov 17, 2007.

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  1. David Aaronovitch has interviewed Bliar for the BBC. Interviewed is probably the wrong term, he is more likely to have handed him a list of pre-arranged questions to avoid removing his tongue from the former PM's posterior orifice.

    The interview speaks for itself: self justifying nonsense and lies. I do hope his admission on Iraq comes back to haunt him, preferably in the International Criminal Court or by provoking various terrorists into redirecting their efforts away from the innocent travelling public towards a more challenging and fitting target.

    His inane utterings demonstrate his unfitness for public office, and any hints of candidature for EU president should be resisted utterly. The man is a deranged egomaniac whose megalomaniac decisions have led directly to the deaths of hundreds of British troops and many thousands of others.

  2. MrPVRd
    And Tony Blair wasn't much better either.
  3. And the BBC continue to allow him the platform and coverage for him to spew out further sanctimonious crap.
    Further evidence of our licence money being squandered.
  4. Erm! Any danger that Neil Morrisey will be doing the voice-overs when the out takes are flogged in one of London's public houses? :)
  5. I quote

    "Myself and the Chancellor were absolutely on all fours together"

    Explains it all
  6. That's good enough evidence for me, give the cnut a trial and hang him.
  7. Having Aronovitch interview Blair is like having Lord Haw Haw interview Hitler.
    Aronovitch was a leading muscular liberal who idiotically believed that the Iraqi people would benefit from being invaded.
    What the fool failed to realise is that the occupation that followed the unprovoked attack would be as violent in its way as the invasion itself.

    The fact that quite outrageously the Beeb has got these two treasonous individuals to parlay to camara together is because the Beeb is still paying penance for being right but being found in the wrong by the ludicrous Hutton.