Bliar losing his grip

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Jan 6, 2005.

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  1. He didn't fly back a la Superman (or even not go in the first place) as the tsunami struck. He was incommunicado with his beloved media for 4 days on the subject while his mortal enemy (G. Brown) was launching all sorts of world-saving plans. Now, like a huffy teenager in a fit of pique, he holds a press conference at the same time as his hated "sister" (G. Brown) to try and hog back the limelight, expecting this to generate no comment. Brown has spent the last week acting the statesman far more convincingly than Bliar and has been asked by over 100 MPs to turn up in their constituencies come election time, a request that I doubt will be extended to Bliar.

    He'll be gone by May and quickly forgotten, except when he tries to snatch at the limelight in the manner of an embarrasing Z-list celebrity.

    Ahh, a world without those cringe-inducing moments like the repeated photo-op I saw on the news today where Bliar poses for the camera with his arms around the shoulders of two schoolkids, looking like Gary Glitter in Thailand in his exploitativeness.
  2. Loosing? Loosing his grip you say?? I'm sure he lost grip with reality a long time ago.
  3. What makes me giggle is the speach he done and the speach brown done were vitually the same. Is this meant to bring the public back on his side??

    Me thinks some school boy has been copying his neighbour!!

    Grade F!
  4. Do you guys really think he will be gone by May? How realistic are his chances of staying in office?
  5. With any luck he will be!!
  6. As soon as he calls a General Election.... he's out of there. He'll either do so badly that his party will topple him, or the country will vote for anyone but hiis party of lieing, do as I say not as I do wasters. But if you want I'll get off the fence.
  7. Somewhere between Bob Hope and No hope. I hope.
  8. If Tony is out in May, who would you guys like to see in?
  9. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Unfortunately, he'll lead "New" Labour to victory in May. The other parties aren't really in any position to to anything other than oppose hopelessly.

    After that, however, all bets are off. He's already said that he doesn't want to take the party into a fourth election.That means that there will be a period of internicine warfare within the party, Blairites and Brownites to the fore. Our Tone probably thinks that he has enough "friends" to ensure that his vision stays on track. I can't see him taking a seat on the back benches (or upstairs) without trying to keep some of his fingers in at least a small number of pies.

    After all, he has his "legacy" to think about.
  10. Col. Tim Collins. Apart from him, I'd sooner see an Orang-Utan as our pm than any Socialist scum.
  11. Corporal asked

    At the rate that life is becoming easier and more profitable for more and more idle scumbags under New Labour, more scumbags than ever will join the Islington faithful (scumbags of a different cloth) and vote Bliar back into power. A coalition of the stupid, idle and selfish.

    The opposition will prevaricate, not wanting to offend anyone when they should be going for the throat of this self serving morally bankrupt shower of sh1t and addressing all that ails this country. But they don’t want to be accused of elitism or racism and they fear the influence and power of the left press. So we’ll get another term of Bliar (or his like).

    And the rot will continue. (I hope I am wrong.)
  12. Today's Scotsman led on various aspects of the "Blair losing his grip" theme.

    "Blair and Brown on collision course as PM bids to regain initiative", etc. This analysis by Fraser Nelson:
    What a world in which a human catastrophe becomes a 'missed chance' for a politician, but there it is.
  13. P-uuuckk puuck puuck puck puck puck! (chicken noise)

    From BBC website:

  14. Maybe Bliar could borrow Dubya's earpiece for any TV debate! I'd love to attach the other end of the wire to one of those old crank-handle field telephones and turn it at the right moment! :twisted: :twisted:
  15. Boris!

    Failing that, anyone who isn't Labour or Dim-Leb...