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Bliar is setting up to sell his memoires for a cool $12m

What the f uck! :twisted: HMG just hammered HM forces about spouting official secrets, but its okay for that war mongering twat to do it. AND HES GETTING PAID! :x

Please make your comments constructive as we dont want to upset anyone eh!
Tony Blair has recruited the US lawyer Robert Barnett (pictured left) to broker a deal for his memoirs. Barnett is best known for securing a reported $12m for Bill Clinton's autobiography - but estimates for Blair's book set the price tag at a record-breaking £8m, for world and full serial rights.

The advance will be inflated by Blair's perceived value in the US, said one leading publisher of political books. "The Americans love him. They see him as an articulate George W. Bush. He’ll get a good whack out of a US publisher." Publishing giants Random House and HarperCollins are tipped as the most likely buyers.
We should start a competition for the title of the book. I submit.

Britains Biggest Porkies By Tony bLiar ( For our American members Porkies being a slang term for lies )
No thanks.think I'll skip it unless it comes in a coulring books format or maybe a pop-up edition..

think I'll just wait for the film version..hear they've already cast Hugh Grant as Bliar but ran into a snag with finding a ' Cherie' now that Amy Winehouse is in rehab.

on the otherhand it will probably go ' direct to video' and the discount bin at WalMart before it ever makes its debut at ' Cannes '..
It's too early to have any real revelations in it. I'll wait for the second version with the real events/intell or objectives which triggered the invasion of Iraq.

It would need 20 years for all the dust to settle.

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