Bliar is at it again...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chrisg46, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Once more into the breach...

    Didnt someone once say that the armed forces hold their breath every time he goes overseas? Anyone want to take bets on they are seeing if we can contribute at all?
    Not sure if anyone would be willing to do so after the last time UN forces were in lebanon...
  2. Hopefully if he expects our forces to go in and the seniors have grown some danglies maybe the "No F'in way" hes met with will perhaps force a bit of government awareness of what "overstretch" actually means
  3. We are seen as 'Provocative' in the area and so will not go (or the yanks)! More likely to be some of the Arab states in the area or a neutral muslim country of some description.....

    I'm not worrying about it yet. But you just watch Blur manage to get us in there somehow!
  4. Is there anywhere else the winker wants to send an extremely over streched army?
  5. I hold no candle for Bliar, but this Lebanon job is exactly what the UN should be taking on, with a peace enforcement role, and with robust ROEs. However, if the Yanks and the Brits aren't eligible, it'll be a farce.... Arabs stopping other arabs from shelling Israel, don't make me laugh!

    I believe we still have around 200 TA infantry that aren't earmarked to do any thing this year, and if the docs at Haslar get their fingers out, we could get a few more. 8)
  6. Stopping the rocket attacks on Isreal would require an invasion, nothing less. It the political types think it will be achieved by putting a couple of hundred "blue berets" in they are dreaming. Do we have more than a couple of hundred soldiers not currently on deployment!!! as mentioned, if we go in, we would be adding fuel to the fire.

  7. Breaking News...

    Unit found to deploy to Lebanon straight away.........

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  8. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I have four-fifths of fokoll time for Hezbollah or any other terr organisation for that matter, and I agree that this is just the sort of Op for a UN force with teeth & balls.

    Just in the interests of parity, shouldn't therealso be a strong UN force in place to stop the IDF from pulling similar, though more impressive, stunts ?
  9. ...Mr Blair said the force could "stop the bombardment coming over into Israel and therefore gives Israel a reason to stop its attacks on Hezbollah".

    ...Given his intrinsic understanding of military tactics and abilities. Before volunteering what's left of the British Army out there, he might like to consider what impact his mouth is now having on the Shia Hezbollah supporting population of Southern Iraq and their' outlook on anti-Hezbollah forces. This is not a statement of support for Hezbollah, but involvement in Israel's situation for British troops will inflame Iraq greatly.
  10. Doubtless this new UN force will be as effective as the former UNFIL was...
  11. I think the scouts & BB have had their brown envelopes sent out. OTC still waiting...
  12. What's needed here is a crack team of international Human Rights lawyers, who could sit down with both sides and explain the error of their' ways. Whilst no expert in these matters, several names do spring to mind, and hey, if they fcuk it up and get killed for their troubles, then it really would be a win-win. I reckon my solution would gain more support than anything bLiar could come up with.
  13. At the risk of sounding defeatist, there's no føcking way of stopping these føcking loonies killing each other. They're slowly starting back up again in the Balkans, not on the industrial scale like Milosevic, but small scale atrocities nontheless, and it'll only get worse as the troops are pulled out.

    Well, the arabs and the jews hate each other even more than the serbs hate the muslims. There's no rationality to it, and the ONLY way to stop it is by committing a large and very robust force permanently to the area. And as thats not going to happen, can the BBC stop showing video of injured kids, as it upsets Mrs Biscuits, and it boils my piss too if the truth be told. :evil:
  14. Does Blair know how large the British forces are - Specifically the teeth arms?

    My only conclusion is that somewhere in whitehall either a decimal point has been moved or a "0" has been added. We shouldnt be asked to run to every crisis point in the world, Unless of course we have in some way created the Problem or can be part of the solution.

    Lebanon will not be cured by the arrival of foreign (regionally unpopular) western troops. - best of luck to finding anyone else outside of UK / US to do the job Tony!