So, Tony pops out to see the boy's in the great sandpit before Xmas and has his grinnig features snapped with the lads including one "photo-op" with him standing on an AS90 surrounded by the troops. Anybody else out there think that this was all a bit too chummy by half? I mean we've all seen the Yank bigwigs glad-handing and high-fiving the troops and all the whooping and hollering that goes on. It make me want to vomit to be frank. Personally I've got a deep seated suspicion of politicians (esp. New labour ones) and think squaddies should keep their distance from them and never be pictured in such a way as to give the impression to Joe Public that we like the bastards. I was always happy to see the odd member of the Royal Family and more than happy to be photographed with them (no hidden agendas,see?) but politicians! Here today, gone tomorrow (if only) opportunistic back-stabbing swine, Nein Danke.
call me an old cynic but wasnt our great leaders trip timed just right to take some heat out of the Butt report?.......just a thought :twisted:


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hibby said:
call me an old cynic but wasnt our great leaders trip timed just right to take some heat out of the Butt report?.......just a thought :twisted:

Butt report ?

Isn't that posh for a fart ?
Some of our younger and some would say naiver troops was heard to say, Great to see him , as if the tw*t was a pop-star or someone we actually wanted here. By comparison John Barnes and the page 3 girls had a better reception, at least they weren't just here to be seen by selected press photographers.
It all looked like No. 10's idea to boost Tory Bliar's exposure at home as we come up to an election year , sort of 'look i'm great , i visit the troops in the holidays ,and give up my holiday for them' bullshi-ite.
My point exactly Clerkofdeath! It's a set-up to make Bliar look good and that young lad fell for it, I mean some of them were getting his autograph!!!! Christ!. Much better to have the lads fell in in three ranks, quick salute knowing smile and firm handshake from the Sarnt -Major followed by expressions of mild disinterest from the troops as Bliar trots out some pre-rehearsed platitudes for the benefit of his constituents. Personaly speaking I doubt if I could bring myself to speak to the man and as for shaking his hand or being photographed with him,I think not.
I wouldnt criticise any of tha lads or lassies who shook his hand, photographed him or got his autograph. The thing which IS boak-making is these carefully-organised photo-opportunities, with photogenic soldiers being lined up with this man for the benefit of his image.
I'm not now, nor have ever been, his apologist. Whereas you look at everything from a wholly selfish perspective, I like to think of alternatives. Get in touch with your democratic side. There are two (or more) sides to every story. Even our Tone's


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Bliar was right to go out there, what is not right is that the whole thing was about him NOT facing the views of the soldiers....mind you Bliar learned to avoid reality after facing the mothers of dead soldiers live on TV a while back.

MiB (who does not doubt final victory/who knows that the potato harvest stretches up to the feet of God)
He was right to go but not abuse the situation for a photo op. shame nobody ND'd in his direction. Or would that be naughty?
He should have gone, but it is the very least that he should be doing for the forces.

All he's done is go out for a photo opp to show him 'supporting the troops' whilst in reality presiding over cuts and the running down of all three services.
miffy said:
If every picture tells a story....the true feelings of the chaps towards our beloved leader will out...... :twisted: :lol:
love the expression of the bloke just right of bLiar.....

if looks could kill.....

seems to be saying "knob"

The way Bliar should have done it is the way Michael Heseltine visited Greenham Common over Christmas when all the harpies were trying to break in back in 1980something. He was Sec Def at the time.

Christmas Day and with virtually no warning a chopper dropped in out of the sky with Heseltine, wife and daughters. He spent an hour or so talking to everybody and meeting as many people as possible and then left. No press, no anouncements and no publicity. He did it because he was a decent bloke. It's not even as if he was chasing a few hundred votes. They were mostly in the bag anyway.

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