Bliar - "God told me to do it"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semmy, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Parkinson tomorrow night 9:55

    Bliar confirms his religious beliefs influenced his decision to go to war....
  2. Keep us posted...
  3. We have our own God sent envoy? Brilliant!
  4. Great! So two of the most powerful men in the world all but confess to starting mass conflict directed by voices in their heads... What is it we do to individuals who takes it upon themselves to kill other people directed by voices in their heads? :roll: Have we given up on the ideas that the Age of Enlightenment brought us and reverted to the beliefs which gave us The Crusades?
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Crusades! now theres a thought.
  6. Aha! Wondered when "The Comedians" individuals of the seventies would make a comeback!
    Wry grin at scenario of Bliar turning up dressed as the black knight from Python's Holy Grail and someone with an ARRSE tie appears stage right and chops his arms and legs off 8)
  7. Get your Crusade badge
    Might as well just paint a target on our guys back, you just know the press will get this and the next thing it'll be a Holy War and another wave of enlightened young impressionable youths will be causing mayhem on our transport system.
    Just a small thought,What the hell is the leader of the country doing on a chat show?
    Surely he has other things to be involved with, Booking a moving company , new flats for his kids , job interviews that sort of thing.
    He's just starting to get the pieces in place when he jumps ship so Broon can take the reins.
  8. Well God has told me that Blair is responsible for all deaths and injuries to British service personel in Iraq and that if I should meet Blair I must kick his teeth down the back of his throat.
  9. And therein lies the tragedy of the British legal system. 103 dead Servicemen and countless Iraqis and the Boss'll get away with it.
    However, I can't see the esteemed members of the Bar lending quite so much weight to your, scarily similar, defence.
  10. Well, he can't take the blame himself can he?

    He also refers to a "higher authority" (or something along those lines) - is he referring to Dubya?

    It is a shame that his divine inspiration does not extend to visiting those wounded or bereaved as a result of his "vision".

    If someone wastes him and claims "divine inspiration" will they likewise escape censure?

    The serious point is that this will be on Arabic news channels and on the internet, fuelling any notion of a conspiracy against Islam.

    The man is a certifiable lunatic, a liar, a coward, a disgrace to both the office he holds and to Parliament, and if he keeled over tomorrow we would all be far safer.
  11. Or the beloved wide mouthed frog piping up with "He's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy"
  12. Aha - Tony has a conscience after all! He wrestled with it before finally plunging in and killing thousands of innocent Iraqis.
    Personally, Tony, the emergence of this patently false god stuff is a sign that you're finally losing it - this devout christian rubbish is a vote loser this side of the atlantic. I think you've been spending far more time than is healthy with your mates, weirdo batchelor boy Cliff Richard and the other bible thumping monkey.
  13. Sixty

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    Sorry if posted elsewhere but here's the Beeb link with video footage of his remarks:

  14. Tony Blair is not real you dont mix religion with politics
  15. Does anyone recall voting for another crusade i thought we gave that up in the middle ages