Bliar gives Reid the "kiss of death"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rockape34, Jan 27, 2007.

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  2. Not sure that I agree with Reids letter but what I don't get is how 2 judges both decided that serial child sex offendes were not serious offences.

    I think this may have more to do with judges wanting to highlight a, the problem with jails b, Reid getting involved in their business. The only way they could get that into the public eye is by going against the wording of the letter and letting serious offenders free.
  3. One wonders if that 'vote of confidence' actually was instigated from the present Fuhrers staff, or,
    more likely Broon's staff thought they'd get a pre-emptive strike in against Reid , as he is just about the only other senior cabinet member with a possible chance of contesting the leadership election , whenever it may be.
    Nothing like a little preparation in advance , bit of psyops for the party faithful if prep be needed.
    foil hat well on and tied down :)
  4. This is due to the way Judges regard sentencing as their own private playground. They regard maintaining seperation from the politicians as a very serious thing and have always resisted anything that TELLS them what punishment must be awarded. May be heightened at the moment due to the way in which the senior law men in Govt are associated with B.Liar
  5. yes, the inevitable pre-emptive strike against Reid from the Broon Camp - all's fair in love and new labour!
  6. PM:

    No shit Sherlock! Is that's the way it's supposed to work then?! Pity it seems that there seems to be more news about victims having to stand up for themselves and then having to appear before the courts, old pensioners not affording council tax payments, miscarriages of justice, those whose crimes require longer sentences but receiving suspended sentences/fines/pointless asbos, those being released early to reoffend under the guise of the probation service, I think I'll stop there as I could go on.
    To be fair, a lot of the crud occured before he stepped into the role which leaves Blinkett and Clarke positively smug with the public gung-ho-ing for Reid's resignation.
    Take away the luxuries and fill them cells til they reach standing room only, not only do you save money but you put the shit up people to avoid going there in the first place. Problem solved!
  7. Bet Reid could give Tone Dear Tone, the Kiss of Death if he chose to tell all.
    But Turkeys don't vote early for Christmas, do they ?
  8. Is Reid the guy who famously said "I will fvcking well work all night" or something similar, he seems like he actually wants to do good, I prefer Reid Labour over sh!tstains Brown liebour.

    The problem with the jails just means they will have to build another jail or two but until then we will see paedophiles go free and un-PC civvies get locked for life. My bet is that if Blair was Home Secretary, he would ship us all to guantanamo.
  9. Love him or loathe him. John Reid does seem to be one of the more managerially competent members of the cabinet. If he went, who could replace him and do a better job? Margaret Beckett the ex welder? John Prescott the ex steward?

    I don't think there is a single member of the cabinet with any experience of managing large organisations. We are stuffed. Every government department from the Home Office to the NHS to the Child Support Agency is in meltdown.

    Just read today's Home Office news on the BBC. Apparently 322 convicted sex offenders who are required to register with the police have been 'lost'. Perhaps they've buggered off abroad with the drug dealers who were supposed to have their passports seized but didn't. Alternatively, perhaps they're lodging with the foreign convicts who should have been deported but weren't.

    How much more of this crap do we have to endure before there is a confidence vote in parliament?
  10. Since when did ministers manage any department? They are in charge of the direction they want the department goes in and give their orders to the hordes of minions in civil service uniform to carry out the detail. Lower level ministers give out lower level orders. Take the decision to stop Paras jumping (if indeed it is true?), You don't get ministers writing the letters to the RAF telling them their services are no longer required, or the CO i/c jumps telling him of the decision.
  11. That sounds to me like a pretty accurate description of a senior manager.
  12. Once upon a time it was the Northern Ireland Office that was considered to be the 'poisoned chalice'... Now it appears to be the Home Office! :twisted:
  13. He said "I'll f***ing well work 18 hours a day to sort this out."

    He went on holiday to France a week after saying it though.

    Reid takes a holiday as Home Office flounders