Bliar For President.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Engineer01, Oct 25, 2009.

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  1. While the country has been worrying about the BNP, the Nazi Labour Party have been once again playing about with our freedom, by selling us down the river to the EU, the post of EU president was invented by Blair and it now seems that his intention was to still be able to run this country as the first president of the EU, alowing the idiot Brown free reign to totaly destroy our independence by bankrupting the UK while the media and the people were all being mis-directed towards the political minnow Griffin. Blair is the most dangerious threat to this country since the second world war
  2. I'd shoot the bastard!
  3. deniable Black op anyone?

    Surely theres someone out there who could just put Bliar out of our misery permanently?

    Wheres the care in the community day releasee when they are needed.....
  4. Yeah. Mossad orchestrated the attacks on the 09th of September 2001, Kennedy was assassinated by the Mob, and MI5 helped the tube bombers!! Foil hat anyone? Whilst I agree that Mr Blair, and his fugly missus (imagine that as the first lady of the EU), should just do one, don't you think that you are being a tinsy winsy little bit paranoid?
  5. That realy scares me, that some one ( Mandlescum) is running a black op to get his mate into power by telling the fool Cyclops that he is saving the world
  6. Very wise choice from Warsaw. With the Germans not keen and the impediment of having only Silvio behind him that's the Blair bid sunk. Unless Barry O. does some arm twisting of course, DC would love their old poodle in that kennel.

    Aggrandizing the post is exactly what Mr Tony would seek to do as POTEU, the old bugger would instantly be tilting at windmills from Brussels. He'd have an EU army invading Darfur before you can say "acts of genocide".

    My money is still on J.P.Balkenende:
  7. Blair as Euro President would give his slimey ego a permanent orgasm of self importance.

    Good on the Polish, I say!
  8. If Blair gets in then then he will be dead within 6 months...

    There are too many (correction: not enough) ex-soldiers with access to weapons who despise this cúnt.

    I must say that I'm extremely disappointed that despite all those PR photo ops he did in Iraq not one lad managed an ND.
  9. You watched Andrew Marr as well? Interesting the suggestion of how much Blair gave away in EU negotations to ensure the role of president was agreed. "A forward thinker" to quote Clive James.
  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    The last Meglomaniac who thought he would unite Europe died with a bullet in his skull as his wife and dog lay dead next to him

    We can live in hope

    I bet you Peter is writing the new Leader a catchy Slogan

    Europe - One Country, One People, One Leader
    Something like that should do it the Germans will love it
  11. My old section commander was in a pic with his rifle and rounds with Blair on the front of castle. Asked him why he didnt shoot him, I didnt think of it. EPIC FAIL.
  12. Well said, though I suspect there'd be rather a long queue for that one.
  13. Twenty or thirty years ago Parliament would have been in an uproar about that sort of news (and just consider what sort of howl would have been sent up at the news of the Governing Party actively seeking to change the entire composition of the country's population to its' own benefit!); but not more than a second-page grumble of ill-content from any of them during the past week or so.

    Which is symptomatic, of course, of the second major change this band of self-seeking totalitarians have wreaked upon the country without asking us: general apathy, born of a constant dribble of diktats from the Centre which evade Parliament entirely.

    The third is that we're in the EU in the first place. I wasn't asked, and I resent that.
  14. I'm all for Bliar becoming president. His first foreign visit should be to Pres G W Bush's home state of Texas. I'd be all for him driving slowly along elm street, dallas if the arrse shooting team can practice from that grassy knoll just next to the old book depository.