Bliar departure - photoshop competition

It's been a while since there's been a photoshopping frenzy - perhaps not since the last general election.

Bliar's departure gives an opportunity for any with the artistic talent (which I lack) to parody party posters, press photos, cartoons for the good & benefit of all Arrsers, and to the detriment of Bliar himself.

Cpl_Ripper & Agent_Smith (from different political stand-points) have been major drivers in previous threads, but what new talent is going to join the party ?.

Alternate Election Posters for a classic - quite a long read though

I may be prevailed up to provide a prize for the best - extra points if the caption is served up as a limerick
According to various newspapers, Alex Salmond found that moving into Bute House was less pleasant than expected. In fact, the house was "minging" and Mrs Salmond had to get out the scrubbing brush. It is unclear if this lack of cleanliness was due to general Glaswegian slovenliness or if it was a deliberate "scorched carpet" policy generated by resentment.

This got me thinking. What little gems will Cherie (likely to be even lazier and more bitter than Bridget McConnell) leave for Gordon and Sarah? I have this vision of Cherie in the Terracotta Room, squatting over Pitt's desk (how appropriate) and crimping one off in the inkpot stand, finishing off with a poo-print personalised message. Could this be Cherie's log-acy?

My poor efforts:


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