Bliar & Bush criticised at Scots soldier's funeral

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. The Minister conducting the funeral of Fusilier Gentle, who was killed in Iraq last week, hs criticised Bliar and Bush during his address.

    In a message directed at the prime minister and the US president, Dr Mann said: "Shame on you." He also said that the decision to go to war was based on 'misinformation and lies'.

    George McNeilage, a local councillor, said: "John Mann summed up the feelings of the family when he talked about the politicians. We don't see their sons and daughters in Iraq."
  2. Hear hear - I didn't bump into Ewan at the Palace. Might have fell over him in Piccadilly though.... The drunken LAZY student......
  3. Always trust a priest (of whatever religion) to spout his mouth off at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Whatever ones politics and beliefs about Iraq and our involvement, shouldn't the black robed crow have had the common humanity to give some comfort to the boys family. Fusilier Gentle was killed doing his duty, we have all been there and thankfully most of us have come home safe. His family are rightly very upset and the last thing they need is some ******** trying to show what a right on kind of git he is by spouting anti Blair rhetoric.

    I loathe Blair, Brown and the rest of the ********* in this sad excuse for a Government that we have, I wouldn't trust any of the opinionated three faced shits as far as I could spit challenger tanks but this bloody priest and his inane comments get right up my ring piece.

    Sleep in peace young man, you've paid the highest price, and may your family find the help and Grace to come to terms with their loss.
  4. Reading the article I gained the distinct impression that his family agreed with what the priest said. In fact his family have gone on record as saying worse. I don't think this can be written off as the priest trying to jump on the bandwagon, I think he said what most of those at the service felt.
  5. Flash Bang, your flash to bang time seems to be approx 9 years.
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  6. OK I'll give you that, but in future you should look more closely at the thread.
    Joking aside I remember this incident, I think I may have been a guard commander at BMH Shaibah and he came in to get an injection- his name just stuck in my head. Very soon after he was killed.

    Edited to add- it was a long time ago and my memory isn't what it was...