Bliar apologises ..... yet again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldSnowy, Feb 9, 2005.

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  1. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    PM apology over IRA bomb jailings

    I wil not comment at length on this for a few minutes, to allow my blood pressure to reduce a tad. Yet again, the PM shows his contempt for all decency. Yes, these people were probably wrongly imprisoned but to apologise just before an election.

    I hope it loses him more votes than it gains.
  2. [rant on]If they weren't guilty and it's a pretty big IF imho, they were at least guilty of something and the bottom feeders should have been allowed to rot in prison.[rant off]
  3. Well the courts decided they were innocent since the evidence related to them handling explosives was entirely discredited and the only other link was being related to one of the people who was wrongly convicted for the bombing in the first place.

    Basically the cops got the wrong blokes... Yeah some people say tehy got off on a 'technicality' but it was more like the proof of their guilt was found to be untrue by the courts.

    They deserved an appology, their lives have been messed up and they'll never get those years spent in prison back. Blair was the best person for it, anyway they've been seeking such a public appology for a while now so i don't think it's just a PR stunt.

    I now stand by for incomming.
  4. How can he apologise for something he had nothing to do with?
    That's like me saying, because I'm male, that I'm sorry that the unabomber killed folk. Go and forgive me, ta.
    PR stunt.
  5. Yeah but someone had to on behalf of the state. Anyway the families have been after one for a while and Blair gave in.... or wanted to use it as some PR stunt.
  6. He is appologising on behalf of the british government which made the mistake (or the police/court prosecution made the mistake under the authority of the govt)

    therefore as head of govt, he should be the one to make any appology.

  7. I wasn't aware the government could represent the courts. Were these people sentenced by the government at the time or by the judicial system?
    Apologies from individuals unrelated to the wrongdoing seem a waste of time to me. Even when the german whatshisface apologised to the Jews a few years ago, how many did he murder? There is no justification for it, it's all political spin.
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Courts/Judiciary are separate (I do hope) from the Legislature.

    It is, indeed, all spin, and a pathetic grubbing around for votes. All it needs now is for TB to say, in the week before the election, that the Bloody Sunday Enquiry is to be wound up, as "we are all guilty".

    Hypocritical, lying, manipulating, dishonest, self-seeking - indeed he is a consumate politician.
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Kit Reviewer

    It has just been announced that to show his absolute contrition for the act of a previous government he is today stepping down as PM.

    ......and when I awoke from pleasant dreams, the coffee was cold. *sigh*
  10. having lived most of my life in the province, when is gerry going to apologise about my (and a lot of your) friends and family who were maimed or killed.
  11. In addition to this apology will he also apologise for jailing the proven inocent woman who was accused of murdering her children on the evidence of a single man or for the loss of life in the gulf. I think not.
  12. When these cases occasionally crop up am I the only one to wonder who DID
    do them & why, in both the Guildford & brum bombings, not ONE person has now been properly convicted ! Please correct me if i'm wrong on that count.
  13. It's entirely right that he should apologies for the wrong done to these guys. It sets the standard for facing up to the things that you have done and admitting your actions to the scrutiny of all.

    Adams/McGuiness et al don't have the cojones to admit mistakes or claim responsibility for actions. In the few cases where they are forced to concede culpability they only do so whilst wrapping them in layers of victim justification. That's why they have no currency in the big game and are increasingly marginalised.

    Timing is always questionable with Politicians.
  14. This is the man who apologised to the world about the alleged behaviour of British troops before the case had even been to court, who also said that any decision concerning further action on the Gitmo four was a case for the courts and the courts alone, and the man who now apologises for verdict of a court case that he would have had no control over even if it hadn't happened a quarter of a century ago.

    As far as this government is concerned, Britain's integrity and international reputation are just disposable chips on the table.