Bliar apologises to Iraqis 'mistreated by UK soldiers'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, May 10, 2004.

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  1. According to the BBC, Phoney Bliar has apologised to any Iraqis who have been mistreated by the British military.

    The Dear Leader said:

    This will clearly be seen by many as an admission that people have been mistreated. Since the investigations are not yet complete, it would seem somewhat premature to be apologising for what might have happened; unless, of course, you are after the UK muslim vote in the local elections, or are following the lead of the depilated simian.

    And while on the subject of apologies, this statement stands in stark contrast with Bliar and Hoon's steadfast refusal to apologise for the shortages of kit such as CBA.
  2. Trecherous tw@t!

    Is this an admission that he feels the photos are authentic?
  3. It would seem so - by his statement (on French TV) can I take it that the investigations have been concluded and the GUILTY bought to task.

    Or does trial by media not include the concept of INNOCENT untill proven otherwise.
  4. Bliar bleated
    If if fcuking if.

    As VB says, Bliar is buttering up the Muslim vote.

    There is a world of moral difference between

    1 Rough handling of aggressive prisoners.

    2. Humiliating submissive men for 'entertainment'. ( Madam Helga does it for financial reward! :wink: )

    3. Torture for sadistic pleasure.

    Anyone guilty of 2 and 3, deserves to share a trailer with Lynndie England and her trailer trash boyfriend for a long time. But let's not go down the road of investigating every Iraqi claim that his cuffs were too tight, he got a slap, didn't get called 'Sir' and missed prayers because the very clean wrong kind of truck kept changing direction.
  5. Interesting that he decided to apologise on French TV and not in the Commons.

    Just confirms to me that Bliar is indeed spineless.
  6. Nice to know that NL can still turn its back on the Armed Forces.

    Just bloody glad that I wear, and I quote in the words of Gen Sir MJ "The Queens uniform"

    Be Fcuked if I would wear TBs.
  7. do you think Phoney bLIAR could apologies to us as well for getting us involved in such a badly thought out bag of shite? and also apologise to the nation for causung the price of fuel to rocket!!
    why invade a country full of oil if its going to make you pay more for the bloody stuff?
  8. Was he under pressure from accross the atlantic to follow in the footsteps of Bush i.e. making the public appology :?:
  9. BabiesArm makes a relevant point in mentioning the handling of aggressive prisoners.

    The media continue to describe these people as a hotel worker, a farmer or whatever, much as Martin MacGuinness gives his occupation as 'barman' in Who's Who. The truth is that they weren't lifted for no reason.

    When there is unrest or criminal activity, the Coalition must be able to respond in a robust manner. Maybe Bliar should send a battalion of social workers next time....

    I can't wait to hear Bliar calling on Israel to apologise for the way it treats Palestinians.
  10. Fcuking disgusting. This just confirms to me that this govn is the worst in the history of the world.

    What I want to know is where we are going to put all these WMD and how we are going to de activate them. Bloody big job..........hang on?

    Watched a prog on Sky about Her Holiness Baroness Thatcher the other night. She was quizzed by some civpop on live TV regarding the sinking of the Belgrano. Did she apologise? Did she f uck. Good girl.

    TB, NL et al. She was a leader.

    Bliar is a leader, unfortunately, not of this country.
  11. totally agree, Maggie was a true leader, apologised for nothing and people were too scared of her to even suggest so.

    theres no doubt in my mind that shed have put Bush back in his vietnam war dodging box.
  12. I am not a fan of the PM but....

    If the other stories are true, then the MoD and the Govt have known about this stuff for quite some time. The investigations have been going on, into most of the British cases, for some months.

    I'd expect the Govt to have a fair idea whether someone was mistreating someone else, whether they were in these photographs or not. Seems plausible.
  13. Have any British soldiers been prosecuted/charged and found guilty of any offence related to the mistreatment of Iraqis, including those that have been under investigation since last May?
  14. Blair is a disgrace, It would appear he holds nothing dear except holding onto power. He chops and changes depending on the current media opinion, he has appeared less in the commons for votes than any other PM (i'll check and edit if wrong) - he is a disgrace, if he'd sell Britain for a few brownie points i'd hate to be his grandma.
  15. Perhaps BillyLiar found it convienent and useful to spout off in France and thereby could make use of the French judicial process of the accused having to prove their innocence - unlike the UK where the accuser has to prove guilt.