Bliar and the Privy Council

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sniper_bob, Mar 12, 2007.

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    I know it's the Mail, but the news that Bliar has completely immasculated the Privy Council, passed me by... Anyone else heard of this or care to offer an opinion?

    Why wasn't it reported on Beeb or any other news channel - maybe it was and I was elsewhere. In his dying days he'll leave no stone unturned in getting us into a Euro friendly format - how long before he deems the Monarchy an irrelevance to Nu-Liebour Britain?
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There was something in the Mail and the Telegraph.

    Why, one wonders, does Bliar want to remove one of the checks and balances on gummint. Could it be that the privy council is the place where honours nominations are vetted. Nah, course not.
  3. I was under the impression that he only time that the full Privy Council meets is for the formal proclaimation of a new monarch. Does this mean that when HMQ passes away Bliar want the right to choose her successor?

    I just wonder is he has an alternative to Charles in mind?.....
  4. I reckon Bliar wants to hang on in office by his fingernails until Her Majesty makes that final celestial State visit. Setting aside the slightly flippant nature of this post, what a tragic day that will be for all of us. After a few eulogical words along the lines of "The People's Queen", Bliar will be off to Buck House to lock up Chazza and to assume the crown himself.
  5. Tragic. The hatred by these people for 'old Britain' doesn't seem to have any limits. Their hatred for true liberalism, rather than the stalinist yearning for control of their New labour project, is truly obscene.
  6. Blair and co. seem determined to put in place the mechanisms for a totalitarian state to operate: even if the current government are not going to behave in an overtly draconian manner (and I mean REALLY draconian) it seems utter madness to give future rulers the legitimate power to behave in such a way.
  7. A copy of my post on the Fed Up Middle England forum:

    Not content with the Constitutional vandalism perpetrated by 'new' Labour, when they made their half-cocked, class-envy driven changes to the House of Lords, the vacuous idiots from Blair's freak-show of a 'Government' are now planning to abolish the Privy Council. They plan to split up its responsibilities between the Cabinet Office and the Department for Constitutional Affairs, neatly forgetting that the Privy Council, which has a monthly audience with the Monarch, also contains the Leaders of the Opposition parties and other non-party-political representatives, although an idiot spokesman did say:

    "We will need to check that the Opposition are content since a small amount of support is also provided to the official Opposition whips in the Commons. I have no reason to suppose there will be any objection."

    Naturally, because the whole purpose of the 'New' Labour Government is to line the pockets of the Party faithful, Baroness Amos will retain the title of Lord President of the Council, as this is what earns her a place in the Cabinet and thus a Cabinet Member's salary. How dare they? If they wish to abolish the Privy Council for reasons of efficiency, then let that efficiency be demonstrated from the top downwards. This is a repeat of the scandal where that pointless oik Prescott was retained in the Cabinet despite losing all his responsibilities. This is little short of obtaining money by deception.

    When will this naive electorate see through these people? How has such a situation come to pass?
  8. It was senaked through during the furore over climate change and everyone showing their green quals so nobody noticed.
  9. Another point to note I believe, is the Privy Council is the place of appeal for members of our remaining colonies (all 9 of them) in matters of law.
  10. Well the propaganda against Prince Charles has begun. If you saw last nights Dispatches on C4 you will know what I mean. I have never seen such biased reporting. It really was a republican piece of trash, attacking a man who can't really publically defend himself. At least he has the balls to speak his mind and try to make life better for other people. Unfortunately being in the position he is, his views are a little skewed, but his heart is in the right place and he recognises the position he is in and the responsibility his position carries. Bliar on the other hand is a conniving, weasling little sh*t who is only interested in what is good for him and will send others to their deaths in order that he can climb further up Bush's arrse. :frustrated:

  11. The more you read this, the more you have to believe that it is an underhand attempt to marginalise the Monarchy in preparation for the UK to become a fully integrated European state.

    If they have their way the Public wont even be given the opportunity to vote on it. The UK now requires an urgent Regime Change far more than Iraq ever did.
  12. Agree with you Ish - Channel 4 trotted (pun intended) out every single Republican commentator they could find and then dressed it up as objective reporting. This included the secretary who was fired for breach of confidence and then turned up spouting all sorts of vitriolic drivel - how could she possibly, possibly have any objectivity whatsoever. Utter, utter rubbish. As you say, his heart is in the right place and like the old hereditary peers in the House of Lords can be relied upon to speak out according to common sense and his conscience, not in accordance with a Party Whip in order to secure future promotion and patronage.

    I would be more interested in an investigation into how Tony Blair has managed to ammass 5 properties, including a £10M house in Connaught Square - from a standing start and on a Cabinet Minister/Part Time Human Rights Lawyer's salaries.