Bliar allegedly a victim of "burglaries"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by MrPVRd, Mar 30, 2005.

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  1. More lies from the Prince of Lies?

    From BBC News, taken from Sky:

  2. Can anyone check that the snake oil salesman has really been burgled.
  3. Doubt it. Police records with that kind of detail are usually kept confidential.
  4. Can this be requested under FOI?
  5. Any body who has been burgled would want the buggers locked up for life. A life that would be short and extremely painful. My then-girlfriend was burgled twice and my car has been stolen, so I speak from experience.

    I read a letter from a social worker in BIKE magazine a few years ago. He worked withinner-city kidz on an outreach fluffy Guardian reader programme and thought the kidz were just deprived and a product of the facist thatcher upbringing yada yada. Then some toerag stole his motorbike...
    He now understood what the victims felt and wanted the tea-leafs effing hands cut off!

    Sounds a bit like Bliar's memory of standing on the seats watching Wor Jackie play at Newcastle. He'd have been 4 and the seats weren't put in til 20 years later. The man is full of something and I think we know what that is!!!
  6. I think he misses bening Turd Burgled by P.Mengler now resident in Brussels.