Bliar allegedly a victim of "burglaries"

Any body who has been burgled would want the buggers locked up for life. A life that would be short and extremely painful. My then-girlfriend was burgled twice and my car has been stolen, so I speak from experience.

I read a letter from a social worker in BIKE magazine a few years ago. He worked withinner-city kidz on an outreach fluffy Guardian reader programme and thought the kidz were just deprived and a product of the facist thatcher upbringing yada yada. Then some toerag stole his motorbike...
He now understood what the victims felt and wanted the tea-leafs effing hands cut off!

Sounds a bit like Bliar's memory of standing on the seats watching Wor Jackie play at Newcastle. He'd have been 4 and the seats weren't put in til 20 years later. The man is full of something and I think we know what that is!!!

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