Bliar aide arrested for Perverting course of justice!


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Just caught this on tail end of R4 bulletin... :thumleft:

Checking for details!


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Ruth Turner, close aide of TCB arrested for questioning by Met 0630 this morning. Released without charge, "denies wrongdoing".

So that's all right then...


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Sorry, got all excited, I now realise other threads are covering this. Mods, please delete.


Blair – Nearer and Nearer Draws The Time!

For this thoroughly disgraced holder of the highest political office in this country the clock is ticking. The noose of his own making is tightening around his neck gradually more and more day by day.

Now a senior advisor to Blair has been arrested bring to total four people arrested to date in relation to the cash for honours debacle.

Naturally the advisor protests their innocence and we must of course respect that which Blair does not, the impartially of the law and that someone remains innocent until guilt is proven, but can Blair be so confident anymore that he’s Teflon coated and that these people will be prepared to take the rap for him?

Can he be so certain that each and every one of those placed under police scrutiny will keep their mouths shut to protect this fatally flawed character as his premiership is waning?

I still believe that just deserts do happen sometimes and that people reap what they sow, I still believe we might yet hear the words Blair fears to hear, in the case of The Queen verses Tony Blair – please God Yes!
Arandale said:
I still believe that just deserts do happen sometimes and that people reap what they sow


Various Labour politicians are complaining because was made at 0630hr and by 4 police officers. How quickly they have forgotten the circumstances surrounding the arrest of the girl who read out the names of soldiers killed in Iraq (20+ police), or the risible arrest of someone else for wearing a 'bollocks to Blair' t-shirt. Just another example of Labour's one rule for you, another for us views.

BBC News
Blunkett and Co are complaining about the arrest. One of them says she is a 'nice girl' as justification for his moaning.
That's OK then. Close the case. 'Nice girls' do not delete e-mails that do not look good.
Buried in today's DTelegraph report on the arrest is 'Daily Telegraph can receal ...' that Murdoch has made a £4 million (that's 4 followed by 6 noughts!) bid for B.Liars story. Nive for some eh.... Wonder how many now in Iraq or Afghanistan would get 4 followed by 3 noughts for their life story?
The indignation of those who felt themselves above the little people when they get their collars felt is always good fun.

Blunkett et al getting all hot & bothered because she was nicked at 0630? What, you mean before she left for work? The workplace being Downing Street? Potentially where alleged shenanigans may have taken place?

So plod should have either made an appointment ("hello Ms X, Inspector Y here. Would it be an awful chore if myself and a colleague or two popped around this morning. Please don't delete anything in the meantime. Thankyou ever so much. Have a nice day.") or turned up at the gates of Downing Street on spec and hope that they would be wafted through the security.

She was arrested away from her place of work, at a time when she was pretty likely to be there FFS.

If the Met wanted theatrics, a full on SWAT stylee battering ram through the front door, followed by loads of blokes in black kit piling in, dropping her to the floor and sticking an MP5 up her snotter would be more the thing. Theatrics - pfft*. Another definition of one rule for them and one rule for the 'do you know who I am' lot.

*(Mind you I would probably pay to watch the above.)
Ha ha! Let Blunkett etc whinge as much as they like. With every utterance, they reinforce the conclusion that this government is irredeeamably corrupt and expects to be above the law.

Blunkett and Jowell should perhaps mind their own business, such as omitting information on mortgage applications, fiddling expenses, impregnating the wives of other women, investigating travel options to Italian prisons, suggesting that prisoners should be machine-gunned....

For Blunky: When the cops eventually claim their scalps, I'll have a bottle of champagne, just as you did for Shipman. :threaten:
Typical Labour, if someone tries to make them look bad they squeal like pigs in order to divert attention from the real issue, the arrest of a Bliar aide for a serious offence.

They've been belittling this investigation and whining about it from the start. If they had nothing to hide they'd probably say fcuk all. I bet they would be rubbing their hands with glee if a senior tory was lifted.


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Since when has four police officers tipping up for an arrest been deemed "mob handed"?

Would the Labour Party commentators have been happier if the officers had turned up at 10am to Downing Street to make the arrest? With the press watching etc.

And why is Lord Puttnam being wheeled out to make quotes to the Press?


Hi All,

Mr PVRd wrote:

...impregnating the wives of other women...

Must have forgotten that one.... :elephant:

Best Regards,

No sympathy for the woman.

Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas.

Next time, the Met shpould have SO19 fast-rope down, blow open the doors and windows and chuck in a few flash-bangs. Before giving her an MP5 butt in the coupon.

And do all this at 0400hrs.


Hi, MrPVRd,

I wouldn't bother either.

With the current bunch of miscreants, it's only a matter of time before it does happen... :thumright:

What a choice, the long arm of the law creeps ever closure to B liar's collar will it be for perverting the course of justice or crimes against humanity.

So much for his legacy, seen as a corrupt individual, that ordered an illegal war, whilst destroying the NHS, interest rates up, inflation running away & now swamped in immigrants.
The Daily Mail said:
Scotland Yard detectives are closing in on a 'Gang of Four' suspects – including Tony Blair – at the heart of the cash-for-honours affair, sources have revealed.

The Prime Minister, his chief of staff Jonathan Powell, Labour’s chief fundraiser Lord Levy and Downing Street’s director of government relations Ruth Turner are now the main focus of the police probe.

Mr Blair and his key officials were all closely involved in the nomination of wealthy businessmen to the House of Lords, said the senior source.

One said: "This quartet are inextricably linked by the nominations process for the House of Lords. There are increasing suspicions that each knew exactly what was going on."


Detectives have narrowed their investigation on to a suspected cover-up following the alleged disappearance of crucial emails and documents.

A prosecution source added: "The activities of a Gang of Four at Downing Street are at the heart of the inquiry."


Detectives are understood to have uncovered fresh evidence after hacking into Downing Street computer systems following a tip-off from a No 10 mole.

The mole is reported to have revealed that crucial e-mails between wealthy businessmen and officials were buried on Downing Street computer systems.

The information, which could help lead to the discovery of ‘smoking gun’ e-mails and documents, was a key factor in the decision to arrest Miss Turner at 6.30am on Friday on suspicion of perverting the course of justice.

Scotland Yard became suspicious that potentially vital information was being withheld after twice asking for all e-mails, letters and other material related to the award of peerages to be handed over.



This is quite delicious! Whilst this scandal won't have any impact on Bliar's political career I hope that this will scupper his chances of getting any cushy City directorships and will further damage his dreams of a lucrative post-politics career in the US.


The mole is reported to have revealed that crucial e-mails between wealthy businessmen and officials were buried on Downing Street computer systems.

Picture No 10 being raided, sealed off, occupants led away for questioning (Bliar included) in a police van, computers and equipment being removed by forensics........ Oh how the mighty will fall!
I had assumed the arrest rather than invite was to allow for seizure of her computers etc. Invite would have allowed deep cleansing of these. However, it would seem that No 10's machines will have been fumigated so the leads from the Whitehall White House may be few. Sad.

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