Bliar actually pays for a holiday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ViroBono, Dec 28, 2004.

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  1. Amazing as it may seem, the Dear Leader actually paying for a holiday instead of freeloadinghas become headline news:

    Apparently the news was pushed out by the No 10 spin-machine in the wake of revelations that Bliar "faces further questioning from Parliament's ethics watchdog over why he did not declare a holiday at the French home of leading tobacco industry figure, Alain Dominique Perrin in 2002."

    How convenient that the Celestial Navigator was able to fit in both a visit to the troops and a holiday as part of his 'World Statesman Middle East Tour 2004'.

    I await Eustonscot's justification of Bliar's free holidays, collaboration with the frogs and conflict of interest with the tobacco industry with interest... :)
  2. Not in the Maldives, alas
  3. Sorry, You've lost me. Why would I justify any of that?
  4. I thought you might favour us with one of your 'two sides to every story' posts.
  5. You're suggesting I'd defend him? Nah! if he's done something criminal he deserves what he gets. My point about Tone was simply that as the British PM he should put himself about on the world stage, whether you agree with his politics or not. I'm just amused that you get so wound up when someone offers a view that isn't the same as your own. I'd hate to go to a football match with you.
  6. Funny if memory serves me right, whatever holiday he ever had, nearly all free, he always had an offical stop on the way back.

    Devious in my book, a bunch of freeloaders of the highest order :evil:
  7. Given the appalling mess Bliar has made of domestic policies, strutting around as Tone The World Statesman seems a bit rich to me; I cannot, off top of my head, think of anything useful he has done on an international basis which would justify his regular jaunts. Given that I disagree with his politics, why would I want him to represent me abroad anymore than he does here?

    I'm not sure that 'wound up' is how I get when presented with an opposing view to my own. Incredulous, perhaps, that anyone could consdider voting Labour. Frustrated, that people are still prepared to believe in this government. Despairing, at what they've done to my country. Certainly, when I took an active part in politics and was an elected representative I listened to all sides and debated robustly - I was occasionally accused of being passionate, but never wound-up.

    Football is the world's most tedious activity. I'd hate to go to any football match, with anyone.
  8. BLiar ... pay for a holiday? .... :eek: That'll be a first then!
  9. IF ONLY
  10. Of course he's paying the full rate like the rest of us would :D

    Who pays for the CP mob that goes with him? I guess we do.
  11. Firstly, "Old Tone" should make the UK the top priority and sort out the mess he has left a few of our own institutions in, namely the NHS, the Civil Service, the MoD....I could go on and on but will not as I'll just get wound up :roll: He should leave his ideas of becoming the next EU president/world statesman until the UK is in fine working order :lol: :cry:

    Now Eustonscot, no doubt you'll harp on about the Tories and their legacy, but 7 years is a bit long to keep blaming the tories :roll: So why not own up and admit it, you and your New labour cronies have really shagged it up for us all :evil: