Bletchley Park

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Markintime, Apr 20, 2009.

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  1. One of World War Two's most important events was the cracking of the Enigma codes which took place at Bletchley Park, it undoubtedly saved many lives and gave the Allies an advantage over the Axis.
    In recent years Bletchley Park had fallen into disrepair and was threatened with closure unless £600,000 could be found to carry out essential repairs. Fortunately English Heritage came forward with an offer of £300,000 and promised a further £100,000 per year for the next three years on a match funding basis. Milton Keynes Council have agreed to match fund (they will donate pound-for-pound to match EH) so Bletchley Park is safe and will be preserved for the British people for the foreseeable future.
    It should be noted that the Government, led by respected author of - Wartime Courage: Stories of Extraordinary Courage by Ordinary People in World War Two, Gordon Brown did not donate one penny towards saving Bletchley Park
  2. That's because the place was full of elitist, Oxbridge, Tory toffs like Alan Turing during the war.

    If it had been the 'Peoples Park', full of salt of the earth coal miners and jolly, Labour voting ladies who spent their days knitting underpants for 'our boys at the front', Gordon would have parted with plenty of cash.

    Admittedly, the cash would have been in the form of Reichsmarks, but you can't have everything.
  3. The same thing happened with the D-Day veterans who asked the MoD and the Lottery for help to attend the 65th anniversary celebrations in Normandy, bearing in mind that they are all over 80 and it would be the last trip for most of them.

    When they were told that no money would be forthcoming, a national newspaper (I think The Mail, to its' credit) made a public appeal which raised more than enough to cover their expenses. However, when the blessed Gordon found that his new best friend, Barak Obama, was going, miraculously, the purse strings were opened and money was suddenly available (the catch was that Gordon and his spin team came with it).

    The old boys were having none of it, and turned down the funding on the grounds that it was a personal thing and they didn't want the event hijacked (as it probably will be as wild horses wouldn't keep Gordon and his cronies away from a photo oportunity with POTUS).
  4. That's where they made their mistake. What they should have done is claim to be members of a 'community of travellers' (not strictly untrue) who were being persecuted and prevented from following their traditional lifestyle due to lack of funds.

    The government had a purge of the Lottery board just before Tony got the chop. The old board were deemed to be less than enthusiastic about handing over cash to fund health and education 'projects' that should be funded out of taxation. By a curious coincidence, about half the new board, including the chairman, are card carrying members of the Labour Party.

    Hence the new board would have been climbing over themselves to sign cheques for the old boys in the belief that they were saving helpless proles from oppression. Who knows, the veterans might have been able to share in the half a million recently splurged on 'Friends, Families and Travellers', a group that rides to the rescue of persecuted pikies.

    Even better, by claiming to be Jockinese rent boys, the vets could have had a taste of the quarter of a million pound golden shower lavished on the Scottish Prostitutes Education Project, that was in addition to the 180 grand a year they get from their local NHS to 'empower the human rights' of the ladies (and laddies) of the night. Strangely enough, since getting their hands on the cash, this organisation has decided to stop working with prostitutes and become a full time, political campaign group.
  5. How this thread has been manipulated by the Gordon Loving Ashie from Bletchley Park, an establishment and team of people for which I have the utmost respect and have studied at length and in detail over many years at length, to the Governments latest repressive measures I dont know.

    Well done fuckwit Ashie.
  6. Mikemcc you have obviously never read of the Honey Traps that were regularly used to turn people to leak information to the Soviets at that time. Its not simply knowing about Turing's sexual tastes, but the risk of blackmail from individuals too. He was prosecuted for 1 case of gross indecency with a guy called Arnold Murray, a 19 year old. There could have been others who would use their relationships to lever information from him.

    At the same time the first of the "Cambridge Spy RIng" was being broken and so the security services were hyper sensitive to anyone who may present a risk. Better to remove all access to the sensitive secrets than continue to have him working there and leaking sensitive material.

    It was a wholly different security atmosphere to that which exists today. Turing was a great man, but he did break the law and as a result was removed from any sensitive working areas.
  7. Well theres only so much shagging they could do, I s'pose.
  8. turing helped saved the country and helped create computing.
    he was also Gay and punished because he was Gay.
    not a brilliant chapter in UK history :(
  9. Turing was one of thousands working at Bletchley Park, his subsequent prosecution for breaking the law and the current PM's apology are on another thread, not this one.

    For myself in the great tradition established by Blair and Brown, I would like to apologise for any event that occured before I was born, over which I had no way of influencing, but which might garner me a few extra votes.
  10. If the government wants to do anything to atone for the past, it would be better slipping some cash towards the Bletchley Park Trust, and making a donation towards preserving the site, if not refurbishing the site so that future generations can learn of the good work that went on there and how it shortened the war.

    After all Turing and Flowers developed the worlds first electronically programmable computer there. History was indeed made there.
  11. The reason the Alan Turing's relationship with Arnold Murray came to the attention of the Police was that Turing told them!

    One of Murrays 'other' friends burgled Turing's home thinking that it would not be reported because of his 'connection' to Turing. Is not a type of blackmail? i.e. I stole your stuff and you cant say nothing because they will find out you are gay?
  12. LancePrivateJones

    LancePrivateJones LE Book Reviewer

    But Turing didn't allow it to become blackmail by going to the police himself.
    Therefore I cannot see how he could be considered a 'Security Risk'.

    As it happens, I think that Turing was treated very badly by HM Govt who could have helped him out if they had wanted to.

    He may have not been a 'Hero' in any conventional sense but he saved a hell of a lot of lives and was involved in shortening the war because of what he was capable of.

    My only complaint is that any apology should have been made a long time ago.
  13. Alan Turing used to live in a house near me and it has a blue plaque on the wall. Whenever I drive past it I always think of the work he did and the consequences of his homosexual activity ( which was conducted privately I believe).

    I think he was charged because the person he had a relationship with stole something from him and he reported it to the police. There was a television progamme about him a few years ago. I will try and find it.

    Is there an Alan Turing Way in the north of Brtiain smoewhere?
  14. Stonker

    Stonker On ROPs

    Case in point: elderly couple featured in the final episode of Station X. They had met and married after the war, and neither ever told the other what they had done during the war, for most of which they had worked in huts a few yards apart at BP, but which might as well have been in different countries for all the contact one hut would have with another.

    They both discovered the other's secret when they met at the first ever Bletchley Park reunion, to which they had each received invitations which they were obliged to keep secret from even their most intimate family.