Bletchley Codebreakers to be honoured

Apparently the Duke of Kent is to present the surviving codebreakers with a 'badge'. These are the guys who saved our bacon by giving us access to the German Enigma codes. They saved thousands of lives , is a 'badge suitable recompense. Is this another downgrading by Zanu NuLab of those who kept this country free ?

"The surviving codebreakers are being given commemorative badges in a service attended by The Duke of Kent. " BBC website
Just further indication of the contempt that Labour hold for those who serve their country.

Always the bare arrsed minimum, grudgingly given only because there is an election on the horizon.
I viewed this as a cynical stunt by Gordon Brown who announced this "badge giving" event around "Armed Forces Day". Having visited BP on a number of occasions and talked to some of the people who worked there during the war, and who then accepted that following the war nothing must be spoken about their achievements.

The people who worked there readily accepted that the work they did there was important and knew the sensitivity of the accomplishments there, and managed to retain the secrecy behind what occured there well into the late 1970's.

I think that the people who qualify for this "award" would much rather see money invested in the future of Bletchley Park itself than be presented with a £1 token to wear on their jackets. The government does not have a good record at trying to preserve the heritage of this important site for the future.

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