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BLESMA is an association that strives to support all those who have lost limbs, the use of limbs or eyesight in the service of their country. It also includes ex service personnel that lose a limb post service and, although these are not ordinary members, treats everyone the same. BLESMA runs rehabilitation events all year round aimed at all levels of mobility; sailing (first all amputee crew to complete the fastnet and sail the Atlantic), skiing, parachuting, scuba diving, outdoor pursuits, archery, golf, fishing and many mores. It also provides members with the opportunity of attending social events such as rugby internationals at Twickenham, garden parties at Buckingham Palace, Remembrance services, Christmas dinners and many, many more. They support members in ensuring that they are well provided in compensation claims, social care, medical care and provision of prosthetic/orthopedic devices. They also provide respite care in two BLESMA run homes.

All this comes at a cost; BLESMA's running costs are around £2m a year. Every penny raised counts so the kind donation of £4 per coin sold is essential money that will be used wisely to ensure someone else less fortunate than most of us has an opportunity to regain some mobility, dignity and confidence. BLESMA has existed for nearly 80 years and in that time has looked after thousands of veterans. Whilst numbers may have decreased with the demise of WW1 and so many WW2 veterans, it still has a membership of close on 2000 with around 160 members from recent conflict.

PLEASE buy a coin and support BLESMA.

After all, you might one day become a member yourself ... it only takes a 'moment' to join!

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