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The Blesma team conquer Colorado!

Following a hugely successful and exciting week skiing with the American Wounded Warrior Project, Blesma members complete their final day of the Hartford Ski Spectacular in style, as they ski in to Breckenridge in group formation on the last day. It was remarked by the local instructors that we were the first out and last in each day!

BLESMA members join forces with Wounded Warrior Project

An early start for breakfast saw the group on the road to Breckenridge by 10am.
The weather, although cold -10c was wonderfull with clear blue skies and bright sunshine.


The journey only took 3 hours and when we arrived at the most impresive Beaver Run Resort we could not check in as the disabled reception was not ready for us. We eventually got our rooms and registered for the spectacular by late afternoon. The new skiers were a little nervous but very excited about what lay ahead.

That evening, the group were kindly invited to a welcome banquet hosted by the Wounded Warrior Project(WWP).

Colin Rouse issued the dress code and we departed for the function. On arrival the BRITS were welcomed with open arms and all commented how proud they were to have members of BLESMA as special guests.

It was clear from the tone of the after dinner speeches what an excellent job the WWP was doing for U.S servicemen and women who had be injured on operations.

One of the most emotional speeches was by an amputee who had attended 2 previous events and was now back to help others.

He spoke from the heart and told of the positive effect the project had on his life. His words not only inspired the 58 disabled US servicemen and women in the room, but also the 3 BLESMA members who had not skied before.


Lionel O’Connor.

one of the first-time skiiers, Lionel said:
‘’Nervous and excited…..Took to skiing like a duck to water….took to getting off the lift ramp like a brick to water! I still have a lot to learn! A great day’!


Hopefully any ex mil out there who has lost a limb is already aware of BLESMA.

If anyone able bodied BLESMA supporters has a place in this year's London Marathon and would consider running for BLESMA, the poc at their HQ is Frank Garside.

Well done guys - and Bravo Zulu to the Cousins at the Wounded Warrior Project !

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