BLENHEIM - Time saver or time waster

Has anyone been using the BLENHEIM software for Ex planning yet?

I have been waiting for 2 months for a user ID and password and the help desk aren't that much of a help.

Has anyone got anything good to say about it? Sounds like a good system, however it is not networked to the right people. When you enter details of ammo requirement for an exercise it does not go to the ammo depot or when you enter movement details for overseas travel it does not go to the people who book that travel. Why not, it's been sold as a tool to improve exercise planning.
We have it and i have just spent hours populating a forecast as far ahead as 2012. what a load of crap how can you possibly project that far ahead in the current climate, waste of man hours. FFS i dont know what im doing tomorrow let alone 2012, one thing is sure ill be posted by then...LOL :lol:
When i eventually get on the system i will have just about a week to put all the info for the next 2 years on to it before getting shouted at by some grumpy staff officer.

Deep joy.

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