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Passing this on in case its of interest...

I've recently started using a search engine called Blekko. If you're fed up of getting span in the results, or Google biasing results its quite nifty.

You can use it as a normal search engine, but if you register (for free) you can use what they call slashtags. This is a way of restricting your search to predefined websites. First thing you do is set up the list of websites you want to search. In the example below, I've set up one called 'Tabloids', which will alow me to search the Sun, Mirror and Star.


Once you have set up the slashtag, you can use it in the search text box to make your search very specific. In this case i'm only getting back search results from the three websites I defined.


And you can also use predefined slashtags like 'date' to further restrict the search. In this case I only want results for 2012.


(Another of the predefined slashtags is 'Google', which returns the results from Google).

Its not as all encompassing as Google, but if you've got the patience to set up the slashtags, it returns fairly tightly focussed and useful results. I generally find what I want in the first page or two - without the need to wade through dozens of irrelevant results.

The other thing that's pretty useful is that once you've set up the slashtag it give you lots of useful information about the sites you've selected. Here's an example of one I set at work recently.


I can see how well ranked the site is, together with a lot of other information.

This search engine might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if you do any serious searching for information over the internet, it grows on you...



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It's also worth looking at the 'advanced' search commands Google accepts.
Thanks. I tried those - the problem with Google is that its now very driven by the need to maximise advertising revenue. Blekko at least cuts that crap out. I don't think Blekko is destined to replace Google, but a few more advanced search functions and they'd start chewing into Goggle's market share.

Blekko is smaller than google in 10000 times, it's not a talking about replacement. Anyway, i can't find the last picture option, which one i wanted to try.


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Does it pick up much porn? If not then I'm not interested.
You could set it up to search specific porn sites for specific content. If there are (say) 20 sites you repeatedly search, Blekko will work well.

If you're just trawling, Google is probably a better option.

(But in general Blekko will filter out what it regards as spam...)

Google has been applying logarithm changes over the last Month or so called Panda 2 and Penguin. Whilst this is meaningless to those who do not work in Internet Marketing or SEO it is having the effect of slanting some of the results.
It is expected that this will sort itself out in a short while. On the good side it is removing significant amounts of spam results from the index giving cleaner and more directed searches.

More on the updates here if anyone is even remotely interested?

Panda and Penguin Algorithm Changes: Changing to Keep Up with Google - Yahoo! Voices -

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