Bleep Test

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Polyethyl, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. Does anyone know where I can get a CD so I can practice for the bleep test.

    One PTI said it is so easy I don’t need to practice
    Another PTI didn’t have the CD.

    I’ve been sprinting and jogging between flag poles on the Mall – but I really need to pass this test – so I would like to have a proper practice session.

    Does anyone have any training suggestions? Sprinting is not my forte.
  2. I remember on the Bootneck website you could download a 'bleep test' mp3.
  3. I have it on CD and as an mp3, got it from a PE teacher friend of mine.

    PM me if you still need it and I shall see if I can put it online for you to download.
  4. Not very good PTIs are they
  5. I just did one on PRMC and to be honest, found it the hardest of all the tests.

    If I was you, I would practice getting the turns nice and quick.
  6. For me this is the hardest test to do so defo have a practise, I had to do one for a course recently so i put it on my ipod to practise.
    The turns tire you out more than you realise so try alternating legs that you turn off.
    Also dont go too fast at the begining, its hard to get the pace correct so your not waiting for the bleep at each end so a run through will help with this and the inevitable nerves you will get before the test.
  7. I bloody hate the test. First time i did it, it had me rolling on the floor crying for mummy. Still havent made it my bitch. :roll:
  8. That guy has the most annoying voice going! And the music in the 'background' was mind numbing.
  9. Get used to sprinting off to about half way and then slowing down from the mid point so that you don't have to waste as much energy suddenly stopping and turning around
  10. Thank you so much for your help with this training lads.
    But I’m not finding it easy at all.

    I’ve just done another lunchtime session of dashing between trees in St James Park and an hour later my heart is still pounding.

    I’ve got 2 months left to improve – please reassure me that it gets easier!?!
  11. If you still have 2 months I would suggest for 3-4 weeks doing some LSD work to help your aerobic ability (ie 60-90 minutes of steady state rowing, cycling or eliptical, I would say running but it depends on how conditioned you are to it and what your weight situation it, last thing you want is to develop a knee injury) and then start doing 1 session pure sprints, 1 session HIIT work and 1 session a fast run, then a seperate session every week or two could be for the beep test. The beep test itself isn't supposed to get you fit, merely test your VO2 max capability.
  12. Heya, could some one send me a link where I can download the beep test from?
    Havn't done one of these since secondary school...wish it was just a straight run.

    cheers :)