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  1. hi,

    is there a 1.5 mile run and a bleep test? a mate of mine said he done them striagt after eachother.

    im joining the infantry if that helps.

    also im being told different run times. my mate passed for the inf with a run time of 14 mins.....

  2. If thats true that your mate passed with 14 minutes, especially for infantry then its appalling and the PSO at ADSC should hang his head in shame. Even at late 30's early 40's were still running sub 9-10 minutes, 14 minutes is a joke and will be extremely hard for an individual when he gets to his first unit and finds his self on remedial for being over 10.30 (in most units its 10 minutes).

    Regarding the bleep test for my age group its level 10:2 (over 37) so for under 30's I believe its about 10:5, some places do it still depends on the PTI and weather (some dont like their hair being blown out of place) :wink:

    As I have said previously whilst I was Recruiting I wouldnt send an applicant down to ADSC until they were well under 11.30 blokes and 12.30 females as this is what the PSO's wanted.

    14 minutes FFS you could walk it.
  3. he didnt do any training for it though i have been training for 3 months, lost 1.5 stone and i havnt got a set date for selection yet!
  4. 14 min sounds like the RRR.

    Aim off for 12:0+ on Bleep test and under 10 min on the run.
  5. On a insight I got 11.1 on the bleep but 8 min 49 on the mile and a half

    Bah. I need to do more sprint work (and come down from 13 st 4)