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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sheffielder, Feb 28, 2006.

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  1. ive just done my selection weekend and been defered for a 3 month period reason being on the bleep test on the bleep test i only got a 7/5 at the age of 42 my result should have been 8/4.i must admit i did not stop until i was told to and even though i was tiring i would have carried on had i not been called off. granted i did recieve 2 warnings for not putting my foot on an invisable question is how much further ie more lengths would it have taken me to have reach the 8/4
  2. I've never actually done the bleep test, but I was having a look at the grading system last night. I honestly can't work out what it means. I'm sure it's really simple, just nobody has explained it to me.
  3. Seriously mate, you could walk 7/5 on a bleep test. Get out and do some fartlak work, it really works.
  4. Another nine shuttles would have got you there.
  5. Each level is a minute, so you only need to keep going for another minute.
  6. I'm sure the bleep test we do has 9 shuttles per level, think thats what i counted, cant comment on wether its has a time per level but would be interested to know, and i think devilish is right you should be looking for a higher score than that, at 33 i can still get to around level 15
  7. Nope. This is b0llocks. It's a minute per level. Hence you will do more shuttles as each level increases.

    The standard for under 30 is only level 10/2. If you can do level 15 at 33 years old, then you're in good shape.
  8. Sapper007 - Level 15 is classed as Excellent for under-25s - you are doing rather above average, or your lines are not far enough apart!
  9. I beg to differ:
  10. I dont like bleep tests, I dont think they are as good as a 1.5 mile run to test someones fitness, but sometimes circumstances prevent you from going on a run I.E weather, location etc etc, theres 21 levels (on the copy of the test I have, there are different tests)and as stabtiffy says theres more shuttles per level the higher you go, on level 21 it has 17 shuttles, if memory serves me correctly, David Beckham and Tim Henman can complete the test, see they are good at something1

    heres some pointers I have found:

    The beep test is a test of fitness, and is used as a measure of your aerobic capacity. It is not
    something that you would normally train for, as you would usually be doing the training for
    your specific sport and using the test to determine if you have reached your training goals.
    However, the test is also commonly used as an important selection criteria for some sporting
    teams or jobs. Therefore many people need to train specifically for the test in order to reach a
    desired score.
    Ideally, the test should be a true representation of your aerobic fitness. However, due to the
    nature of the test, there may be inaccuracies and you may not be reaching the level you have
    the potential to. I see that there are three main areas that can be addressed to maximize your
    beep test score: mental toughness, pacing strategies and physical conditioning. Depending
    on what level you are at, one or more of these can be used to help you achieve your potential
    in this test.
    Do Physical Training
    If you really want to significantly improve your beep test score, you need to do some aerobic
    type training. You cannot avoid it, you will have to do some hard work. This would include
    some long slow running with some interval training.
    Prepare Well
    You should be physically ready to perform the test. Make sure you hydrate well before hand.
    You should also feel comfortable, by wearing loose clothing and by having firm fitting footwear
    with a good grip.
    Be Mentally Tough
    The beep test can be a mentally tough test for some, and some good improvements can often
    be made, without any change in your base fitness, by a more positive state of mind. Pushing
    through the pain barrier may help you reach a higher level.
    Use Sound Technique
    Using an efficient turning technique you will minimize any excess energy wasted during the
    turning phase. As you come in to the turn, time it so that only one foot just touches over the
    line, and turn sharply, not following a wide arc which will mean more distance travelled. You
    should drop your hips slightly as you turn, and push off strongly for the first few strides to get
    up to pace. When you get near the end of a level, try to be on time with the beep, and step up
    your pace straight away. Run efficiently to conserve energy - run with your shoulders relaxed
    and breath deeply and smoothly.
    Use Pacing Strategies
    Also without any change in aerobic fitness, you may be able to improve your score by pacing
    yourself so that energy is not wasted from end to end. Try and stay relaxed, quickly getting up
    to the required pace. Running at a consistent pace will be more efficient.
    What factors may influence test results ?
    The following factors may have an impact on the results of a test (test reliability):
    · The ambient temperature, noise level and humidity
    · The amount of sleep the athlete had prior to testing
    · The athlete's emotional state
    · Medication the athlete may be taking
    · The time of day
    · The athlete's caffeine intake
    · The time since the athlete's last meal
    · The test environment - surface (track, grass, road, gym)
    · The athlete's prior test knowledge/experience
    · Accuracy of measurements (times, distances etc.)
    · Is the athlete actually applying maximum effort in maximal tests
    · Inappropriate warm up
    · People present
    · The personality, knowledge and skill of the tester
  11. thanks for the info guys if i was not stopped i know i'd have reached it. at the base of my deferment letter it says please do not be down hearted by our decision ,we believe that this will enhance your progression.... was i down hearted by it no it pissed me off that i was asked to stop the test. did i recover, yes i went on a 3 mile run once i read the letter.
  12. Mr_C_Hinecap

    No mate lines are defo the right distance apart, just spent 18 months beasting myself back into shape after been civvised for 9 years, bloody hard work but worth it now, managed a BFT in 08:19 a few months ago, and as my best time when i was 19 was only 08:05 not bad i thought, but did puke my ring up all over next doors drive when i finished
  13. And has anyone tried the sit-up bleep test now thats a killer
  14. Sapper - fantastic effort then. Across the broader users of the MSFT, 15 is way up there as rather excellent - whether stabtiffy just refers to the TA book on it or not.

    BRL - I despise the MSFT but it is a great measure or aerobic fitness and very standard so very useful.
  15. Out of interest, does anyone know which is the "pass" level for the police and fire service?